Your 24hr Beach Body Countdown

Tips and tricks that can transform your body in as little as 24hr hours

Holiday imminent? We all know how daunting the idea of flaunting our beach body can be after months of hibernation. But don’t fret – we’ve got the quick diet and beauty fixes that will help you feel fabulous on the sand…

If you’ve got a couple of months or even weeks before your vacation, then you’ve got time to hit the gym and change your diet to achieve your desired beach body. But for some of us, time is a luxury we don’t have – whether that’s because you’ve booked a last-minute getaway or because you’ve been too busy to work out. But that’s no reason not to look and feel you best on holiday!

From the foods to avoid before you travel and the beauty products you need to stock up on to the clever way to fake more a more toned and sculpted body, these are the beach body tips that will help you look gorgeous in no time.

Our number one tip? Drink your weight in water – literally.

Yes, it’s true! Believe it or not the fastest way to a clear complexion and flatter tummy isn’t through expensive creams and gruelling workouts, but a good old fashioned glass of water.

That’s because if you don’t drink enough, then your body will detect that you are dehydrated and retain fluid as a consequence. It’s this that can cause temporary weight gain and that dreaded bloating. To avoid this, experts recommend drinking one large glass of water a day for each stone you weigh. Sipped throughout the day, good old H2O will flush out your body’s toxins, rejuvenate your skin cells and leave you feeling leaner. Easy!

Discover more beach body slimming tips that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous on the sand and beyond…

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