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Always Discreet for sensitive bladder, is on a mission to give a voice to the 12 million women (that’s one in three!) in the UK who suffer from bladder sensitivity because so many of us continue to suffer in silence, restricting ourselves on a daily basis because we’re anxious about embarrassing leaks.

A recent study from Always Discreet for sensitive bladder*, reveals that as well as women feeling older and isolated, the condition can also affect how attractive we feel, with 42% feeling less attractive or feminine, and 44% saying they can’t remember the last time they had sex!

“Urinary incontinence may be the last taboo but it is incredibly common, especially among women who’ve gone through childbirth or menopause,” explains campaign ambassador and GP Dr Sarah Jarvis. “However, lots of women are still uncomfortable sharing their experiences, even with trusted confidantes.” 

Last year, Always Discreet launched a campaign to break the silence, which saw women across the country sharing their own personal stories, providing a reassuring voice for other women. These included Jane Duckworth from Newquay who came forward to share her experience, talking openly at the very real impact worries about bladder leaks can have on quality of life.


“I live in the beautiful peninsula county of Cornwall, which means you have to travel a long way to get anywhere. Travelling when you have a sensitive bladder is something that takes an awful lot of forethought. You have to plan what’s in your handbag, where the services are, even what colour trousers you’re wearing,” explains Jane.

“I felt so much more confident since having Always Discreet for sensitive bladder. They are subtle and light and have a clever way of removing odour so nobody need know you’re wearing them. They are also really thin which means you can wear your white jeans again with complete confidence and they make those long car journeys much more comfortable again.”

Rediscover your confidence

Specially designed for women who want to live a full and active lifestyle, Always Discreet for sensitive bladder offers a full range of liners, pads and pants. Recently awarded the 2016 Product of the Year Award in the Bladder Weakness Category**, Always Discreet liners and pads have an absorbent core that quickly turns liquid into gel, removing leaks and odours in seconds. An ultra-thin profile makes them extremely comfortable to wear.

Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladder pants have a Triple Layer technology that attracts, traps and locks away wetness and odour, providing 100% discretion and protection. With Double LeakGuards for extra security and a soft cotton-like feel, Always Discreet pants give every wearer extra confidence to live the age they feel inside with nothing holding them back.

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*Survey: Always worked in conjunction with IPSOS to conduct research into how bladder sensitivity affects the lives of women with the condition. The survey comprised in depth lifestyle questions answered by 200 women who experienced frequent AI (at least once a week) and 200 women without AI in Great Britain in March 2015.

* Winner Bladder Weakness Category. Survey 11,586 people by TNS. Always Discreet Liners & Pads.


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