How To Meditate: Techniques To Try Today

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    Looking to reduce stress, anxiety and medical symptoms in as little as 10 minutes a day? Research has shown meditation to improve your quality of life, and daily practice can ward off the likes of coronary heart disease and cancer.

    We’re all guilty of putting things ahead of our need to relax – work, partners, children, shopping…the list is never ending! The thought of sparing half an hour for a bit of ‘me time’ can be daunting, but with everything from apps to colouring books on offer, it has never been easier to fit meditation into your day.

    If you thought meditation was reserved for leafy retreats and special classes, think again! There are plenty of ways to practice at home, at work or even on the train. Who would have thought that a stressful commute could be the perfect time to relax?

    Even attempting to meditate at home can prove difficult – relatives, pets and technology are all distractions that prevent you from winding down. Not to worry, we’ve got tips to help you achieve a bit of peace in even the noisiest environments.

    Ready to relax? Us too – click through our handy guide on how to fit meditation into your day…

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