Caring For Someone With Dementia? Help Is At Hand…

An estimated 700,000 people in the UK are caring for someone with dementia, most of whom are unpaid family carers. Due to the unpredictable and progressive nature of the disease, many carers report high levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Today, Alzheimer’s Society are launching a trial therapy package for carers, Caring For Me And You, as part of a new research initiative providing support in the form of online therapy.

People taking part in the trial will receive one of three online packages comprising Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, telephone support and additional carer information and education about dementia.

With ever-increasing numbers of dementia cases, it’s important now more than ever that carers are give the support they need to look after their family and their own wellbeing.

Any UK resident who is currently caring for someone with dementia is eligible to sign up for the trial. For more information head to

Here are some other places where you can seek help or converse with other carers:

Subreddit r/caregivers

Dementia Caregivers Support Facebook group

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