6 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem can affect every area of your life, making you question
relationships, feel anxious at work and struggle with mood swings.

recent statistics claiming that an alarming 95% of British women worry
about their weight day-in day-out, self-esteem in the UK seems to be at
an all time low.

Comedian, author, actress and w&h cover
star Dawn French has inspired us with her outlook on life. In our
exclusive interview for our September 2014 issue she revealed: ‘we’re
obsessed with our physicality now and I get very bored with it. It’s
important to accept your body whatever shape it’s in. I want to get on
with my actual life and not worry about it.’ Well said!

Gael Lindenfield knows just how debilitating low self-esteem can be.
She’s one of the UK’s leading personal development trainers who
regularly works closely with sufferers to increase their self-worth.

Gael explains, low self-esteem can be triggered by situations that
affected sufferers as children. But that doesn’t mean that we’re doomed
to suffer from low confidence for the rest of our lives. With the right
tools and a little help, it’s possible to boost your self-esteem and
feel ready to take on whatever the day throws at you with confidence and
poise. It’s just about understanding the causes of your emotions better
and applying techniques that will help you boost your energy and

Gael’s bestselling book, Self-Esteem: Simple Steps
to Build Your Confidence (£8.99, Harper Collins) uses her tried and
tested techniques to help you reach your full potential. No wonder it’s
been flying off the shelves for than 20 years. Now, she’s updated the
self-help must-have with wisdom for the modern world.

Click through now for some of Gael’s self-esteem boosting tips and get ready to start feeling more confident today…

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