14 Ways To Upgrade Your Health This Winter

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  • Expert tips to stay healthy and ward off bugs through the cold months

    Birch water seems to be taking over coconut water as the new miracle tonic. Birch water drinkers say it’s extra hydrating and helps with everything from cellulite to eczema to asthma. But does it really work? We asked nutritionist and wellness expert Akcelina Cvijetic and Lee Mullins, personal trainer and founder of Workshop Gymnasium to weigh in on this trend.

    “The birch has traditionally been linked to purification and detoxification due to its diuretic properties thus aiding in flushing out of the toxins from the body as well as excess water. This is why various birch products have been praised in eliminating cellulite, water retention and weight loss,” Akcelina said.

    So should we buy it? “Like coconut water, I would suggest to drink it during or after exercise as it is very nutrient rich and will help to rehydrate the body. Throughout the day, stick to filtered water, herbal tea and one to two cups of organic coffee,” says Lee.

    Birch water is available on Amazon.com and in shops UK next year, but if you’ve got a silver birch tree in your garden, you collect your own birch water as it runs down the tree in the spring.

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