Healthy Lunch Recipes

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  • Healthy lunch recipes for home or work, including spicy red pepper and lentil soup, roasted veg with giant couscous and puy lentil salad

    If you’re trying to eat healthier, often lunch is the hardest time to stick to your new regime and find healthy lunch recipes. Whether you’re busy and need to grab a sandwich or at home and give into the cravings for something full of cards and fat, it can be tempting to opt for something less healthy. Finding healthy lunch recipes so you can eat a nutritious, filling lunch that will keep you going through the day, whether you’re at home or at work, is key to getting into the habit of eating healthier.

    Our pick of healthy lunch recipes are mostly portable, so you will be able to fit healthy eating around wherever your plans may take you. Soups are easy to make it batches, roasted vegetables make a meal with giant couscous and puy lentils make salads a more substantial option. If you can’t always make your own packed lunch, think more carefully about what you buy and pick the healthiest option there is, then customise it with extra fruit and vegetables, like the addition of sliced avocado or a sweet potato you can pop in a microwave. Make sweetcorn fritters with yogurt, avocado and chilli as a lunch that’s loaded with vegetables, with chunky avocado and chilli for an extra kick.

    For something a little less ordinary, why not try our Vietnamese Charred Pork Baguette with Pickled Veg? It’s great if you’ve had a barbecue over the weekend and have leftover pork or if you’re feeling super organised. You can make the pork the night before so you have a divine lunch ready for the next day.

    For a low-carb lunch option, our tuna and three-bean salad is the perfect idea as it’s really filling without leaving you feeling weighed down. The same goes for a Tuna Nicoise Salad – the egg and avocado perfectly complement one another!

    Whether you fancy a soup, salad, sandwich or wrap for lunch, prepare healthy dishes to take with you and enjoy on your lunch break so you’re not tempted to buy meals that are packed full of saturated fats and added salt and sugar. Click through to see more healthy lunch recipes….