The cheapest prosecco and champagne deals in supermarkets and online for National Prosecco Day

Stock up on the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals this week, with brilliant bottles of fizz retailing for under £5

A selection of the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals for National Prosecco Day in 2023.
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We've found the best and cheapest prosecco and champagne deals this month just in time for National Prosecco Day, for big savings on bubbles and multi-buy discounts, too. 

The price of quality champagne from reputable brands or growers can start at around £30, but it can easily go up to as much as £200 and more. So knowing where to shop for the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals means you don't have to compromise on quality and can enjoy the best champagne and all the most popular prosecco brands for less. 

A bottle of champagne is also always a well-received wedding anniversary present, wedding gift, and is also a great gift for couples celebrating an engagement or new home. Or if you're just stocking up for a summer party whilst wondering how to BBQ right, these deals will come in handy for savvy shoppers who want to celebrate National Prosecco Day (which falls on Sunday, August 13) without spending a huge amount.

We've scoured the top UK supermarkets and online sellers to find the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals on offer this month - but be sure to take advantage of the discounts, as they will only be available while stocks last and some of these deals are time limited offers.

Cheapest prosecco and champagne deals to shop this week

These are the cheapest prosecco and champagne options in UK supermarkets and online at the moment, plus the standout deal on bubbles from each retailer that are not to be missed this month. 

Best Aldi champagne and prosecco deals

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Costellore Prosecco Spumante Doc | £6.25 £5.75

Aldi's signature prosecco is a bestseller for a reason. As well as its outstanding value, this classic Italian prosecco boasts peach and pear flavours with notes of apple peel and lemon zest. The ideal partner for refined appetizers, delicate fish, and cheese platters. It can also be paired with orange juice to make the perfect celebratory bucks fizz.

View Costellore Prosecco Spumante Doc at Aldi



Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut | £14.99

With fruit and floral notes, this traditional Champagne blends equal parts Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, resulting in a subtle elegance on the palate. Serve as an aperitif or accompaniment to canapes.

View Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brut at Aldi



Asti Prodotto Dell'italia Vino Spumante | £5.29 £4.25

Aldi don't have the cheapest champagne deals this month, but they do have a good deal on this sweet prosecco. So this represents the best deal on fizz currently available on their site, but it should be noted there's no further discount if you buy in bulk.

View Asti Prodotto Dell'italia Vino Spumante at Aldi

Best Amazon champagne and prosecco deals

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Sorso Prosecco DOC | £7.22 £6.75

Pick up a bottle of this Italian sparkling wine while it's on offer at Amazon. There's free same-day delivery on orders over £60, so if you buy in bulk you can get this fizz in time for the weekend. 

View Sorso Prosecco DOC at Amazon



Etienne Le Clair Brut Champagne | £23

Amazon have some great deals on Champagne this month but delivery times often vary. Luckily this inexpensive bottle of Brut is available with same-day delivery when you spend over £60.

View Etienne Le Clair Brut Champagne at Amazon



Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut | £43 £35.89

Not only is this bottle of fizz currently 17% off, which is an excellent discount on a luxury bottle of champagne, but it's also available for free next-day delivery, without a minimum purchase amount. 

View Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut at Amazon

Best Asda champagne and prosecco deals

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Nice Drop Prosecco | £5.75

One of the most affordable bottles of bubbly on our list, this extra dry prosecco is an Asda exclusive, and includes flavours of apple, peach and pear.

View Nice Drop Prosecco at Asda



Henri Cachet Champagne Brut | £15.50

Asda have some of the best deals and cheapest prosecco and champagne this month out of all the UK supermarkets. If you're already looking for Christmas gifts for your friends this bottle would make a good present, as it won't break the bank but is still something special for them to enjoy. This is the cheapest champagne at Asda at the moment; even though there aren't any multi-buy savings to be had, it's still sitting at an impressively low price.

View Asda Extra Special Crémant d'Alsace Brut at Asda



Pommery Champagne Brut Royal | £43 £34

This isn't the cheapest bottle of champagne on this list or available at Asda this week, but with £9 off, this price represents really good value for a usually-expensive bottle. We love that this bottle of champagne comes with an attractive gift box, making a great housewarming gift. If you're throwing a big knees-up for a special event, this is a reliable, moreish bottle of fizz that is generally well rated by customers and represents a considerable saving compared to other bottles on this list.

View Pommery Champagne Brut Royal at Asda

Best Lidl champagne and prosecco deals

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Allini Prosecco 75cl | £6.25

For fans of fizz at a great value, the Allini Prosecco is guaranteed to get the festivities off to a good start. Packed with fresh fruit flavours, Lidl's signature prosecco is a steal at just £6.25. Pear aromas and plenty of bubbles make for a satisfying fizz that will pair beautifully with a variety of dishes.

View Allini Prosecco at Lidl



Champagne Veuve Delattre Brut 75cl | £12.99

Even wine experts Decanter approve of this budget bubbly, praising its 'toffee sweetness and brioche, biscuity breadth.' This very reasonable champagne is a refreshing option with depth and flavour. The perfect accompaniment to nibbles and appetizers, or as a special welcome drink for guests.

View Champagne Veuve Delattre Brut at Lidl



Prosecco Spumante Conegliano | £7.49

This award-winning bottle was made from a 2017 Veneto grape harvest and offers a crisp and classic prosecco taste if you want to invest in something a little bit more special. At just £7.49, it's great value for money for a Silver winner in The Drinks Masters' The Prosecco Masters taste-test awards. 

View Prosecco Spumante Conegliano at Lidl

Best Morrisons champagne and prosecco deals

Morrisons supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Sorso Prosecco Spumante | £6.50

For those who like their prosecco full of fruit flavours, this citrusy and aromatic prosecco comes with an impressive amount of positive reviews. Already good value, this bottle is also cheaper than the same bottle currently on sale at Amazon. Expect fresh fruits, with hints of wisteria flowers and Rennet apples and a delicate almond finish. 

View Sorso Prosecco Spumante at Morrisons



Veuve Devanlay Champagne Brut | £25 £22

The champagne offering at Morrisons comes in at a higher price point this month, meaning it's not the cheapest place to shop for top shelf bubbles in December. However, this fizz is new to Morrisons and is produced from the three grape varieties in France. 

View Veuve Devanlay Champagne Brut at Morrisons



Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Brut Champagne| £30 £24

There's £6 off for a limited time with this deal, and this bottle will go down well on any occasion and makes a great toast fizz if you're looking to stock up for a festive feast. A bottle of this bubbly is always a failsafe 30th birthday gift too.

View Heidsieck & Co Monopole Blue Top Brut Champagne at Morrisons

Best Ocado champagne and prosecco deals

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M&S La Vita Prosecco | £7.25

This popular prosecco is currently price-locked at Ocado, meaning you can stock up when you're ready. Not only is this the cheapest prosecco available at Ocado right now, it's also the best price for the best quality, as this Italian prosecco is a consistent performer for M&S. 

View M&S La Vita Prosecco at Ocado



With £6 off, this house style champagne features fruity aromas including citrus green apple. For those who are fans of an intense flavour, this top-quality bottle is a great deal, but the discount will only last until August 15.

View Champagne Gruet Selection Brut at Ocado



Antoine Derigny Champagne | £45 £22.50

This elegant champagne uses Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir grapes for a classic champagne taste that is full of lemon, lime and honey flavours. This is also one of the best deals we've seen on champagne, with a huge 50% saving of £22.50, if you order by the August 15.

View Antoine Derigny Champagne at Ocado

Best Sainsbury's champagne and prosecco deals

Sainsbury's supermarket logo with decoration around it

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Valdo Prosecco Marca Oro | £9 £8

This deal only offers a saving of £1, but it's already sitting at a very affordable price. Prosecco Marca Oro is an extra dry style of fizz with a soft sparkle and a light bouquet. Fresh fruity flavours mark this bottle with notes of golden apple and honey. 

View Valdo Prosecco Marca Oro at Sainsbury's



Pol Guyot Selection Champagne | £16

If you're looking for fizz options which don’t compromise on quality but equally, don’t break the bank, then it's worth considering this good value bottle from Sainsbury's. Pol Guyot Selection is an elegant sparkling wine which offers fruity aromas.

View Pol Guyot Selection Champagne at Sainsbury's



Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne Brut, Non Vintage| £35 £27

This gorgeous champagne has fresh and fruity flavors that pair well with white meat and fish. With £8 off, this is one of our favourite fizz deals at Sainsbury's this month. The expensive-looking bottle also means it will undoubtedly make a stylish 40th birthday gift or 50th birthday gift for those with discerning tastes. 

View Mumm Cordon Rouge Champagne Brut, Non Vintage at Sainsbury's

Best Tesco champagne and prosecco deals

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Bella Cucina Prosecco Frizzante | £5.49

This semi-sparkling prosecco is perfect for laid-back afternoons, with a light and fruity flavour. Consistently the cheapest prosecco at Tesco, when you buy a case of 6. It tastes like fresh green apples, pears, and grapefruit, with delicate floral notes. Tesco also price matches with Aldi, so you know you're getting the best price possible. 

View Bella Cucina Prosecco Frizzante at Tesco



Gartissier Champagne Brut | £15

At £15, this is one of the cheapest champagnes on our list this month and beats the likes of Aldi, Lidl and Asda in price. You can get an even better deal on this champagne this month when you buy a case of 6, which will secure you a further 25% off the RRP.

View Gartissier Champagne Brut at Tesco



Lanson Le Black Label Brut | £31

Pick up this bottle of Lanson Le Black Label Brut with £10 off when you buy with a Tesco Clubcard. This bottle of fizz features invigorating notes of fruits and citrus.

View Lanson Le Black Label Brut at Tesco

Best Waitrose champagne and prosecco deals

Waitrose supermarket logo with decoration around it

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San Leo Prosecco 75cl | £9.99 £6.99

With a good balance of fresh and fruity thanks to its aromas of wisteria flowers, russet apples, orange blossom, and sweet almonds, this is great on its own or used to make sparkling cocktails. 

View San Leo Prosecco at Waitrose



Bredon Cuvée Jean Louis Brut NV Champagne | £29.99 £19.99

This fruity, medium-bodied dry champagne is a fantastic deal from Waitrose this month with a third off the RRP. One of the best deals on champagne this month, this may not be the cheapest bottle on this list, but it is the best value for the quality of fizz offered at this price. 

View Bredon Cuvée Jean Louis Brut NV Champagne at Waitrose



Laurent-Perrier Brut NV Champagne | £48.99 £35.99

Save a huge 26% when you pick up this bottle of champagne from Waitrose this month. £13 represents a decent saving on this well-rated bottle of fizz, and this is also one of the largest discounts on bubbles available at Waitrose this month. 

View Laurent-Perrier Brut NV Champagne at Waitrose

What makes a good prosecco?

When it comes to finding the best processo, a higher price point doesn't always mean better quality. This is what to look out for when shopping for prosecco:

  • Be wary of added sugar: "Proseccos that are fresh and less sweet (with a lower dosage) tend to be better—a high sugar content is often disguising a lower quality wine," Harry Ballman, co-founder of bottle shop and wine subscription service, Cépage, and sommelier at London’s prestigious Wiltons in St James, tells us.
  • Look for the DOC or DOCG stamp: "These relate to the quality of a bottle of Prosecco as approved in Italy," Rob Weatherhead, co-owner of Affordable Wines, tells us. "DOC loosely translates to the designation of controlled origin. And means it is of a quality currently applied to circa 300 wines from Italy. DOCG is the next level up again and currently, there are around 80 wines that have passed the quality certification to warrant this stamp."
  • The Glera grape: "Prosecco is made from the Glera grape, but not always 100%. Check the grape makeup of your chosen wine, if possible," Weatherhead continues.

What makes a good champagne?

We've all heard of the big champagne brands, but are they really the best? The experts explain what makes good champagne and their pointers for selecting the best-quality fizz.

  • Check the vintage: "Whilst a lot of what goes on a bottle itself is purely visual and for shelf stand out, if a bottle of champagne makes a big deal about its vintage it is usually because it is worth shouting about," Weatherhead explains.
  • Check the sugar dosage: "Brut champagnes that have a higher dosage (6-12 g/l) tend to be rich and have a creamy texture, whereas Extra Brut (3-6 g/l) or Brut Nature (3g/l or less) are fresh and zingy," Ballman explains. 
  • Look for award winners: "There are lots of awards in the wine industry which doesn't help define the good from the bad.  But if you find champagne that has been winning Gold medals at awards, it is a good measure of its quality," Weatherhead tells us.
  • Look at the label and neck foil: The team at Louis Roederer Champagne recommend checking that the label and neck foil of your chosen bottle is 'in perfect condition' before purchasing, "as it will indicate that the bottle has been stored correctly" which in turn will mean its a much nicer bottle of fizz. 

How to store prosecco and champagne

If you've taken advantage of the cheapest prosecco and champagne deals in this guide and stocked up now while the prices are good for future use, it's important that you store your newly purchased bargain bottles correctly. Otherwise, when you come round to drinking the fizz, it won't be at its best and the money you saved on finding a good deal will have been wasted. 

Louis Roederer Champagne, partners of the Spirit of Christmas Fair, explained to woman&home that the key to keeping your champagne in its best condition is both where as well as how you store it: "When storing at home, you want to remember to keep your bottle away from bright light and try to store in a cool place where the temperature won’t fluctuate. 

"Where possible, if storing your wine for a short period or time - one month or less - then standing your bottle upright is preferred but is not a must."

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