How To Layer Up: The Fashion Buys We Love

Don't panic if you feel like winter dressing can be a minefield - simply learn to layer up and you can look stylish through the season...

There’s one big trend we can’t seem to get away from every autumn/winter
season: layering. A favourite of fashion-forward women, layering is the
perfect way to make the most of every piece, instead of just covering
up in a coat.

But the trend does take style, some
forward-planning and of course – the right pieces. Which is where we
step in. Our fashion team are all about the layering trend – and they
know the exact buys you need to look gorgeous and feel cosy this

The first rule of fashion layering it to start
with the basics. Plain polo neck jumpers are a perfect investment for
this trend – they can be worn with almost anything and look great with
different styles. It’s also important to pick a colour palette and stick
to it. From neutrals like grey, black and nude to this season’s
seventies-inspired colours – brown, burgundy and yellow – sticking to
these will allow the trend to look ‘put-together; as opposed to thrown

Secondly: know your shape. This trend is great if you know
you’re going to be eating a big meal, as you can keep covered up! But
piling on the layers without paying attention to what suits won’t be
doing you any favours. Those with a small waist can belt up over a
jacket of jumper to make the most of that tiny middle, while great legs
can be shown off in skinny jeans and long boots. Fuller busts might want
to stay away from polo necks – instead opting for V-necks and adding a
cosy scarf.

Ready to start shopping? Click through for our
fashion team’s edit of the best fashion buys for layering, and embrace
the trend that you’re guaranteed to look gorgeous in…