Modibodi's new seam-free period underwear will help save you thousands of pounds, and the planet!

Modibodi launches a new period underwear line of seamless pants that will protect you from leaks and visible panty lines

Modibodi yellow leak-free period pants
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Australian brand Modibodi has launched two new styles of seamfree underwear that are both period-proof and leakproof, so perfect for those who want ultra-discreet protection.

Sustainable period products are often expensive and can be less comfortable than pads and tampons. If menstrual cups aren't your cup of tea and you're not keen on the idea of menstrual discs, then period pants might be your perfect match.

Modibodi period undies are some of the best on the market and they've just launched two new styles that protect from a VPL (visible panty lines)—perfect for those who prefer skin-tight clothing or activewear.

The two new styles come in both thongs and a high leg cut and are available in two colors: cashew and black. The pants also come in a wide range of sizes, from 2XS to 3XL, the seamfree knickers should be compatible with many body shapes.

Recycled Seamfree Hi-Leg Cheeky, £22.50

Recycled Seamfree Hi-Leg Cheeky, £22.50 | Modibodi

With a high-cut leg and a cheeky Brazilian cut at the back, this style is designed to contour to your body.

The panties are also available in different levels of absorbency, meaning you can purchase a pair that's perfect for your own specific needs, whether that be protecting you on the heaviest day of your period, or more focused on the odd bit of leakage.

Recycled Seamfree Thong, £17

Recycled Seamfree Thong, £17 | Modibodi

Ultra-comfy low-rise thong that doesn’t dig in with built-in lining in Super-Light absorbency for period spotting, light discharge and drips.

The pants are also made from 73% recycled nylon and are fully washable. This makes this period product one of the best for sustainability on the market.

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