On the hunt for the perfect tote? This budget Loewe lookalike ticks style and practicality boxes

Get the luxury look on a budget

composite of m&s faux leather tote and loewe fold puzzle tote in black
(Image credit: M&S/Net a Porter)

Despite the number of impressive designer bag lookalikes appearing on the market, it is still somewhat of a mission to find the ideal affordable tote bag that has a premium feel - but this new M&S bag could be about to change the game.

Although the majority of the best designer bags are undoubtedly worth the investment long-term, parting with hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds for one accessory isn't on the cards for everyone. In our never-ending search for the world's best tote, we stumbled across this roomy faux leather design from M&S that solves all our handbag woes - and it immediately reminded us of the new Loewe Puzzle Fold tote that we've been eagerly eyeing up.

Whether it be work, play, or travel, this style offers both ample room for the essentials and a true fashion-forward feel that is over £1,700 cheaper than the designer alternative. If you're just as desperate for a do-it-all tote as us, look no further than this.

M&S Loewe tote lookalike

M&S is no stranger to designer bag alternatives, with the Puzzle Hobo lookalike and the Bottega-style crossbody catching our eye in recent weeks. But if you prefer handbags that are more timeless than trendy and will serve you well for years, this tote is one of the best investments you can make.

The seam detailing adds a truly unique touch that makes this M&S bag a sartorial hit, whilst the staple black hue and roomy silhouette are classic enough to wear with absolutely any ensemble.

Of course, it has a few differences to the Loewe Puzzle Fold that it resembles. Whilst the M&S bag is faux leather, the Loewe is made from a soft calf leather that will age beautifully, even with significant use over the years. The main selling point for the Loewe tote, and what makes it a truly standout designer buy, is that its origami-style folds allow it to be packed down and folded for extra convenience.

If your budget allows, the Puzzle Fold tote will easily be one of your most worn wardrobe purchases of all time. However, if you're in the market for affordable designer bags or accessories on a real budget, we really can't fault the M&S tote that has a true air of luxury.

Amelia Yeomans
Senior writer

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