Lusting after the Loewe Puzzle bag? This £29 M&S bargain instantly reminded us of it

After a bargain designer lookalike? This £29 M&S buy is a gorgeous alternative for the Loewe Puzzle bag

loewe puzzle hobo bag and M&S lookalike version
(Image credit: Harrods/M&S)

Loewe's Puzzle bag is one of the most easily recognised and sought-after designer bags of the last couple of years - but it comes at a very high price point. If you've been lusting after the hobo style but can't quite afford it, this M&S lookalike needs to be on your radar.

Sadly, Loewe pieces don't typically fall into the category of best affordable designer bags. Coming in at over £1,800, the Puzzle Hobo style is a true wishlist item that requires some smart saving if you want to invest. However, we have managed to find a sophisticated shoulder bag that has several similarities to the premium design, from shape and size to texture and finish.

No other brand can truly recreate the intricacies of each hand-crafted Puzzle bag, but you can achieve a pretty similar look thanks to M&S for only £29.50. Whether you want to give the look a test drive before you invest in the original piece, or you're after a budget alternative, we recommend snapping this up before it inevitably sells out.

loewe puzzle hobo in white and M&S cream shoulder bag lookalike

Original Loewe Puzzle Hobo (left) vs the M&S lookalike (right).

(Image credit: Harrods/M&S)

From what we can tell, the original Loewe Puzzle Hobo bag isn't currently being sold at many retailers. We've found one in stock at Selfridges in a gorgeous ochre hue, but the sleek white has disappeared from shelves. If you missed out on the original, this M&S lookalike offers the opportunity to get the look for less. With the classic puzzle-style angular seam detailing and hobo shape, it provides a very similar feel for an unbeatable price.

M&S Loewe Lookalike

Of course, the two bags are not an exact match. Whilst the Loewe original is made from pure leather, the M&S lookalike is made from a blend of cotton and polyurethane. The design differs slightly too - the Loewe bag has an angular front flap whilst the M&S bag is cut straight, and the high street style has a puffier finish than the original, as well as a creamier hue and beige accents as opposed to black.

The iconic origami style of the Loewe Puzzle first debuted a decade ago as a duffel-type bag in the brand's spring/summer 2015 men's collection. Designed by the label's creative director, Johnathan Anderson, it has remained a steady hit with the fashion crowd for the last ten years and will no doubt retain its cult status for several more.

It's the design's innovative yet timeless appeal that makes it one of the best designer bags to invest in, as it will hold its value over time. However, not all of us have almost £2,000 to spare to make it our own. If you're on a budget and want a handbag that has a similar feel, this M&S alternative is the best we have come across for a truly affordable price.

Also available in a timelessly sophisticated black, we predict a sell-out before long.

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