Debbie Harry pays homage to the horror film Psycho with incredible floor-length red dress

The lead singer of Blondie, Debbie Harry, looked fabulous as she stepped out at the Tribeca Film festival

Debbie Harry
(Image credit: Dominik Bindl / Contributor / Getty Images)

Debbie Harry, the lead singer of Blondie, looked incredible as she stepped out at the Tribeca film festival in a blood-red dress that paid homage to the classic Alfred Hitchcock movie Psycho. 

Joining her Blondie bandmates at the Tribeca Film festival, the star styled her dramatic red dress with a pair of the best leggings we've seen, featuring bold ribbons of colour.

The standout dress was printed with the iconic image from the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho. Depicting the famously bloody shower scene, where actress Janet Leigh is attacked with a knife while taking a shower, the dress certainly ensured all attention was on Debbie.

The singer, who was notably a fashion icon in the 70s and 80s when Blondie were at the height of their fame, is now 75 and looked amazing in this fantastic outfit.

Debbie Harry

(Image credit: Dominik Bindl / Contributor / Getty Images)

Fashion expert and stylist at The Style Editor (opens in new tab), Samantha Harman, spoke to woman&home about Debbie's bold choice of outfit. 

Samantha commented, “Lots of women tend to shy away from colour as they get older, but at 75 Debbie Harry is proving how bold shades can look incredible on women of any age. Here she’s rocking red, yellow and green. The key to this look is in the shape and shade. Red and yellow work well together, and red and green are opposites on the colour wheel, making them compatible.” 

The stylist went on to advise how you too can add the same exciting edge to your outfits. She said, “If you're looking to add edge to your outfit, an accessory in a contrasting colour will make it pop. The tendency is to pair colour with black—but the problem is that black drains all the vibrancy from colour. If you're not quite ready for colour on colour, try a neutral like stone or cream instead. It will lift the whole look.”

Debbie Harry

(Image credit: Dominik Bindl / Contributor / Getty Images)

Debbie Harry wore red, chunky sandals with her dress, which perfectly complemented the outfit. Samantha commented, “An open-toed, chunky shoe like this works well with the length of the dress and it being the same colour gives the look ‘height’ where a flat shoe in, say, black, could make her legs look shorter.”

The fashion expert went on to say that the dress is very on trend with Debbie picking up on a look that is set to come back in style this summer.

Samantha stated, “It almost has a tie-dye effect. Tie-dye is back this summer in a big way, with everywhere from Ralph Lauren to Gabriela Hearst showing tie-dye collections for S/S21 and this has trickled down to the high street. Zara has lots of great tie-dye pieces in both vibrant and muted shades.”

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