15 best swimsuits for long torsos to help you get the best fit

These swimsuits for long torsos take your frame into account for a comfortable fit you'll love to wear

collage of 3 of the best swimsuits for long torsos
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If swimsuits for long torsos is your summer style dilemma, you've come to the right place. If you're long in the body, you may generally find swimwear shopping a struggle, with both one and two-pieces that little bit too short in the rise, restrictive cuts and straps and seams that dig in, making the whole thing unwearable.

If the above sounds like you, then you'll want to shop the best swimsuits for long torsos and there are some great, stylish options out there this season. “A long torso one-piece has an extra inch to two inches of fabric to the suit to accommodate for the extra distance between waist and shoulders,” explains LA-based fashion stylist Robin Saperstein.“Many swimwear brands now make flattering one-piece swimsuits for a variety of different body types. But if you prefer a two-piece, that is also an option.”

While this issue is most associated with the best one-piece swimsuits, bikinis and two-pieces can have their pitfalls too. “Being tall comes with some challenges,” continues Saperstein. “And sometimes high-waisted swimwear briefs sit lower and tankinis rise up. But the good news is that there are companies that accommodate taller body types so these annoyances don't happen.” It’s worth noting here that it is possible to have a long torso and not slot into the typically tall category, which is normally over 5’9” for women. A long torso is any torso that measures more than 19” from the nape of your neck to your waist. 

15 best swimsuits for long torsos

Just because you're shopping for swimsuits for long torsos, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on style and none of the swimwear trends of 2023 are off limits. “As long as the suit has more fabric to fit a long torso, the options are endless,” says Saperstein. “There are super cute silhouettes to choose from. Cutouts, one strap, and deep V suits are all very flattering on long torsos.” We've rounded up 15 of our favorite to invest in this summer.

J Crew Ruched V-Neck One Piece Long Torso

(Image credit: J Crew)

1. J.Crew Ruched V-Neck One Piece Long Torso


RRP: $118 / £132
Sizes: US: 0-24 / UK: 4-28

A great swimsuit for lounging or swimming, this will flatter all body shapes. It's the ideal swimwear for women over 50, thanks to its combination of style and practicality, and the sky blue hue evokes an instantly summery feel. Available in nine other shades too, if blue isn't your thing, this swimsuit comes in long torso or regular fits. The ruching on the stomach is great for midriff support, as well as offering bum coverage.

Summersalt The Long Torso Perfect Wrap One Piece

(Image credit: Summersalt)

2. Summersalt The Long Torso Perfect Wrap One Piece


RRP: $125 / £140
Sizes : US: 2-14 / UK: 6-18

Catering for taller frames, Summersalt has added an extra 1 ¼” inches of fabric compared to its main line to help this one piece fit longer torsos. It has a light compression fit which holds your frame a bit like the best shapewear, keeping everything in place whether you’re playing some poolside ball games or swimming in the sea. One of the best floral swimsuits, the tie belt helps to highlight your waist for a feminine finish. 

Miraclesuit Mood Ring Peephole Tankini

(Image credit: Miraclesuit)

3. Miraclesuit Mood Ring Peephole Tankini


RRP: $144 / £175
Sizes : US: 8-16 / UK: 12-20

Bikinis tend to be a little easier for long torsos, as you’re not trying to cover your stomach with fabric. The best tankinis, on the other hand, are less straightforward, and often they can fit too high on taller frames creating an unwanted gap between your top and briefs. What we like about this tankini in particular, is that even though it’s not specifically designer as a long torso swimsuit, the extra length on the top puts it into that category. We like that the cut of the top is not too form-fitting too, with a loose, breezy hemline for a relaxed, holiday-ready feel.

J Crew Ruched Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit

(Image credit: J Crew)

4. J.Crew Ruched Bandeau One-Piece Swimsuit


RRP: $128 / £143
Sizes: US: 0-24 / UK: 4-28

Bandeau swimsuits can be tricky if you have a long torso, as if there isn't enough fabric length through the body of the suit, you'll end up battling to keep your swimwear in place, spending too much time adjusting it. This beauty however has been designed with a long torso in mind, negating the issue. With removable pads and straps (in case you want the added security and lift), you can tweak this to your style, the bold red and white palette make it perfect for the Tomato Girl Summer trend.

Andie The Nantucket One Piece

(Image credit: Andie Swim)

5. Andie Swim The Nantucket One Piece


RRP: $98 / £76
Sizes: XS-XXXL

One-shoulder swimsuits are a key summer fashion trend, and as this one is black, it would easily double-up as a bodysuit layered beneath jeans and a blazer too. Aside from the asymmetric neckline, this one-piece is simple and streamlined, with clean lines and a block color finish. Designed specifically for a long torso, it features removable cups and a dedicated seam beneath the bust provide support, while the low-leg shape offers modest coverage on your bottom. 

Left On Friday Sunday Suit

(Image credit: Left On Friday)

6. Left On Friday Sunday Suit


RRP: $170 / £133
Sizes: XS-XXL

Left on Friday is a fully global business. With design taking place in Vancouver, fabrics sourced from Italy, and bathing suits made in both California and Taiwan. The brand focus first on fabric for a functional fit. Its materials promise a compression fit when wet or dry to smooth and shape your frame, while the fit ensures that straps don't dig in or cause you to adjust the garment. This Sunday Suit is available in tall, adding 1.5” to the fabric which makes it equivalent to one size longer in length. So, for example, the L from the tall range will be as long as the XL in the regular range. This gorgeous bright yellow swimsuit offers a delightful dose of dopamine dressing, perfect for those poolside looks.

Land’s End Long Torso Chlorine Resistant V-Neck One Piece Fauxkini

(Image credit: Land's End)

7. Land’s End Long Torso Chlorine Resistant V-Neck One Piece Fauxkini


RRP: $124.95 / £104.06
Sizes: XS-XL

If you prefer the look of a two piece, but like the convenience of a one piece, then this is the bathing suit for you. This clever long-torso swimsuit looks like a tankini, with a floaty printed top, but is actually a swimsuit with an extra layer of fabric. This means you can swim or sunbathe safe with confidence and style. It’s in it for the long haul too, made from a LYCRA Xtra Life Spandex that lasts up to 10 times longer than swimwear crafted from ordinary spandex.

Anne Cole Long Torso Lingerie Maillot One Piece Swimsuit

(Image credit: Anne Cole)

8. Anne Cole Long Torso Lingerie Maillot One Piece Swimsuit


RRP: $78 / £64
Sizes: US: 6-16 / UK:10 -20

If you’re sporty, you’ll love the simplicity of this crowd-pleasing one-piece from Anne Cole. It has a relatively modest round neck, medium coverage on the back and bottom, and narrow adjustable straps. Other than that, there isn’t much to say – it’s a classic style that will serve you well year after year. Easily styled with any beach cover-up, sunnies or sandals as it's a totally sleek, but blank canvas.

YouSwim Poise One-Piece

(Image credit: YouSwim)

9. YouSwim Poise One-Piece


RRP: $139 / £126
Sizes: One size

Ok, this bathing suit isn’t technically a swimsuit for long torsos but hear us out. It’s made from a luxe, ribbed fabric that stretches and shrinks to fit not only US sizes 2 to 14 and UK sizes 6 to 18, but it also has enough give to comfortably adjust to a taller frame too. It’s a good place to start if you haven’t tried a long torso swimsuit before, but do normally find that regular sizing leaves you feeling restricted. Earning the brand some eco brownie points as a sustainable swimwear brand, all pieces are ethically woven, dyed, cut, and sewn in the UK for full supply-chain transparency. 

Long Tall Sally Navy Blue Color Block Swimsuit

(Image credit: Long Tall Sally)

10. Long Tall Sally Navy Blue Color Block Swimsuit


RRP: $67 / £39.99
Sizes: US: 4-20 / US: 8-24

Color blocking is a quick win if you want to draw attention to your waist, and this swimsuit does it seamlessly with a bold, contrasting yellow band in the middle of this navy suit - with this flash of color continuing on the sides and straps too. The longer length design has taken proportions into account, which teamed with the fact that the straps are adjustable and the fabric is super stretchy, means you can guarantee a spot-on fit. Even better, the fabric is fast-drying, chlorine resistant, and provides UPF25 sun protection. 

Andie Swim The Fiji One Piece

(Image credit: Andie Swim)

11. Andie Swim The Fiji One Piece


RRP: $112 / £87
Sizes: XS-XL

Proof that shopping for swimsuits for long torsos doesn’t mean having to compromise on style, this cheeky suit is guaranteed to make you feel good on the beach. The buttery smooth fabric is made from an 80% recycled eco-nylon topped up with 20% spandex for stretch and moves seamlessly without making you feel restricted. The front is pretty simple, save for removable soft cups, whereas the back features a high-cut bottom and criss-cross straps that can be tied in multiple different ways. 

Swimsuits For All Scarf Bandeau Tankini Set

(Image credit: Swimsuits For All)

12. Swimsuits For All Scarf Bandeau Tankini Set


RRP: $139 / £108
Sizes : US: 8-26 / UK: 12-30

At first glance, we thought this was a one-piece, but on closer inspection, you’ll see it’s actually a cleverly designed two-piece tankini. The briefs are plain navy, while the top features a swirly blue design and is cut with a longline, handkerchief hemline that fully covers bottoms. This extra length makes it a great choice for longer torsos, so you don’t have to worry about it looking like a bikini. The size range is really inclusive too, making it one of the best plus size swimwear labels. 

Summersalt The Long Torso Ruffle Backflip

(Image credit: Summersalt)

13. Summersalt The Long Torso Ruffle Backflip


RRP: $95 / £105
Sizes: US: 2-14 / UK: 6-18

We’re all for a bit of pool-side glamor, and this suit has it by the bucket and spades. Made with extra fabric, making it perfect for long torsos, it features a deep V neckline, a low square back, and eye-catching ruffled shoulders. The color combination is gorgeous too, with vibrant orange and vivid pink sunset shades. If you’re not sure about sizing, Summersalt recommends that it should fit snugly when the suit is dry, so use that as your guide when trying it on. 

Miraclesuit Long Torso Cascada Avanti Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit

(Image credit: Miraclesuit)

14. Miraclesuit Long Torso Cascada Avanti Bandeau One Piece Swimsuit


RRP: $196 / £240
Sizes: US: 8-16 / UK: 12-20

If you like your swimwear to be supportive but don’t want the aggravation of thick straps, then this swimsuit for long torsos is a great choice. Built into the suit is an underwired bra for hold and lift, plus the fit and fabric provide compression that hugs your frame. The bandeau neckline is part of its appeal, but there is the option to add narrow removable straps too if you like. We love the busy print as well – especially the way it fades from turquoise to deep blue. 

Long Tall Sally Red Gingham Belted Swimsuit

(Image credit: Long Tall Sally)

15. Long Tall Sally Red Gingham Belted Swimsuit


RRP: $67 / £39.99
Sizes: US: 4-20 / US: 8-24

Bring a retro feel to your holiday wardrobe with this red gingham belted swimsuit. Long Tall Sally exclusively caters to taller frames, so you rest assured that everything from the brand will have been made with maximum attention to long-torso detail. The vintage swimsuit style features high quality fabric at a great price, making it a worthwhile purchase if you want to invest in affordable swimwear, like the best Amazon swimsuits, that still look and feel premium.

What is considered a long torso for a swimsuit?

Not sure whether your swimsuit will fit a long torso or not? According to Andréa Bernholtz, fashion expert and founder of Swiminista, a long torso is “any torso that measures 19 inches and above.” Therefore, to cater for this extra length, long torso swimsuits will have an extra one to two inches of fabric either on the body (if it’s a one-piece) or on the tankini top or briefs (if it’s a two-piece). If you’re not sure whether or not your torso is long, measuring it is the best place to start. Tell-tale signs that your torso may be too long for regular fitting swimwear are shoulder straps that really dig in, feeling like you can’t stand up straight when wearing it, and pressing seams around the crotch. If that sounds like you, give a bathing suit specifically made for long torsos a try. 

How do you measure for a long torso swimsuit?

To measure for a long torso swimsuit you want to first “measure from the base of your neck to your waist,” says Bernholtz. It’s easier to do this from the back of your body and even easier if you have someone who can help you. If this measurement is 19 inches or longer, you have a long torso. Now you have this information, you can either take your trusty tape measure with you to the store and pour over the specific measurements of each swimsuit online, or you can simply shop for swimsuits marked as long torso. Remember too that there are some design details, like long-line tankini tops and super stretchy swimsuits that will still work for long torsos even if they weren’t designed with them in mind. Ultimately, it’s about how your swimwear feels when you wear it. “Any suit that feels good when you move in it and or has the option to adjust is best,” adds Bernholtz. 

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