The Best Tan Accelerators

From tanning tablets, to tingling lotions and vitamin-enriched drinks - there are plenty of options to boost and prolong your summer tan

Few things are more daunting than the idea of stepping out in a summer dress for the first time in months, but what’s the solution? Even if you tan well naturally It’s always a struggle to maintain your glow, but there are an array of products, pills and potions to safely boost your tan and prolong it.

Here at w&h we’re always on the lookout for new ways to get that gorgeous summer glow – the healthy way. We all know too much time in the sun is bad for skin and health. Ensure you look tanned the safe way with clever beauty buys instead. Our beauty experts have gone the extra mile, choosing a selection of tan accelerator buys to give you that just-stepped-off-the-plane-from-St-Tropez glow.

Whether you prefer to stick to natural products, or don’t mind as long as it does the job, there are so many ways you can prep for, prolong and enhance your bronzed body.

Among the many tan-enhancing tablets on the market that promise to enhance your ‘natural’ glow. These slightly cartoonish-looking Holland & Barrett Tan Tablets, £2.99 contain Tyrosine – an amino acid which helps the body to produce melanin. The idea goes, take these before and during your holiday your body will produce more melanin which not only acts as your body’s natural defence from the sun, but also gives your skin that lovely bronze glow and helps it stick around for longer (NB this doesn’t mean you can go without SPF, factor 30+ only please )

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