I like to have a natural-looking tan all year and this £24 mist gives me a streak-free finish in seconds

This fake tan mist helps keep my complexion looking radiant all year round...

A close up of the St. Tropez Self Tan Purity Face Mist in a pastel pink/purple textured template
(Image credit: St. Tropez)

As someone who has never had an authentic tan, I've had to fake my way through life. Trying out every product that promises to give me that 'I just got back from two weeks in Spain' golden glow that we all crave. But this tan product is leagues above anything I've tried and since discovering it, I refuse to be without it.

Without a doubt, this is the best fake tan for your face that I've tried and a great way to avoid making any tanning mistakes. I've spent years desperately slathering my limbs and face with every fake tan for pale skin and the best instant tan you could imagine. 

I now consider myself a fake tan expert, but there's one product that stands leagues above the rest; St. Tropez Face Purity Face Mist. Offering a quick, easy and mess-free solution to giving yourself an all-year face tan, this is my holy grail tan product...


If you're wondering how to self-tan your face like a pro, then you need this in your life. Just a couple of spritzes every night after applying your evening skincare routine will give you the most gorgeous and natural-looking tan when you wake up the next morning.  

I use this deliciously scented mist a couple of times each week after I've applied my face moisturizer and other skincare products. It manages to still work over the top of even the thickest of night creams and I always wake up to a sun-kissed complexion in the morning. My favourite part of this has to be that you can do this (almost) hands-free in just a couple of seconds, and as a self-confessed lazy beauty girl, this really is my best-kept beauty secret.

an image of st tropez purity face mist

(Image credit: St. Tropez)

Simply spritz all over your face, making sure to apply on your neck, ears and up to your hairline (it doesn't cause any greasy-looking patches) before bed and your face will transform while you snooze. If you are wondering how to make a tan last longer, this will also be a saviour as you can top up easily and quickly each day. Another plus is that you don't need to use your hands to massage into your face, you can do this just by misting so no need to wonder how to get fake tan off hands

I really could speak all day about how much I love this product. It's affordable, effective, quick and easy. It's the best self tan I've ever tried and I will continue to keep using this to fake my way through life with a radiant face to match. 

Annie Milroy
Beauty Writer

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