I never saw the point of a lash primer until I tried this innovative mascara from Meghan Markle's go-to lash brand

This two-step mascara provides impressive volume while conditioning lashes, making it the ultimate multitasker

Revitalash Double Ended Volume Set
(Image credit: Revitalash)

Think lash primer is a waste of time? So did I, until I tried this incredible two-step mascara from the makers of Meghan Markle’s go-to eyelash serum. 

Picking the best mascara for you can be tricky task - we all have different wants and needs, whether you’re looking for the best volumising mascara or prefer a more natural-looking mascara.

As a senior beauty editor, people assume I have a wildly elaborate make-up routine, but really it’s the opposite. I like using quick, effective products that can get me made up and out the door as quickly as possible - my daily makeup takes me under 10 minutes to do. That’s why I never really saw the point of using the best lash primers - why bother adding an extra step when my mascara is doing a brilliant job already? Well, here’s why.

The two-step mascara our senior beauty editor can’t stop recommending

This mascara, created by Revitalash, known for making the best eyelash growth serum on the market (even Meghan Markle's a fan) features two sides. One is a primer, and one is a mascara, making the extra step of primer a seamless one to incorporate into any routine.

My first impressions of the Revitalash's Double Ended Volume Set

The packaging of the Revitalash's Double Ended Volume Set feels really weighty and well-designed with a smooth matte black finish. At £37, this errs on the expensive side of mascaras, so those extra elements do help give it that luxe touch. 

One end is a blue-toned primer - I appreciated that both sides are clearly labelled, so you know which step comes first. The primer paints on easily in a couple of coats, leaving lashes looking defined and smooth with a vibrant blue hue. Believe it or not, coloured mascara is making a comeback, so if you felt emboldened to do so, you could leave your mascara application here.

If you're after a more traditional lash look (which I'm assuming most of us are), follow on with the second end, the black mascara. The wand has an hourglass shape which works brilliantly to grab every lash and fan them out. It coats each eyelash, and the previous blue formula helps you identify any you may have missed. It's an excellent standalone mascara, but the two steps together create the most impact.

It's everything I'm looking for in mascara - high-impact eyelashes without clumping, without the need for eyelash curlers. 

Is the Revitalash's Double Ended Volume Set worth buying?

If you want a brilliant mascara that's also kind to lashes, you should buy Revitalash's Double-Ended Volume Set. The primer nourishes and enhances your natural eyelashes, leaving them longer and stronger. This will improve all your future mascara applications and also enhance how they look when you're bare-faced.

As someone who previously always preferred the best drugstore mascaras, I've surprised myself by how much I've enjoyed this £37 buy. While it's a little expensive, the effect it has is truly impressive. It's also technically two products in one, which helps balance out the cost a little.

If you're in the market for a new mascara, this is a truly brilliant option.

Rhiannon Derbyshire
Senior Beauty Editor

Rhiannon Derbyshire is the Senior Beauty Editor for Woman & Home and other publications. 

She started interning for glossy magazines while working alongside her Fashion Journalism degree. There, she was lured to the beauty desk, seduced by matte lipsticks, posh shampoos, and every skincare product imaginable. 10+ years into her career, she can confidently tell you why the best mascaras are always high street, and why SPF is a non-negotiable all year round. Ask her about her curly hair routine, skincare minimalism, and how to find the exact right red lipstick