Victoria Beckham's latest beauty launch promises perfectly sculpted brows that won't budge

Providing the ultimate solution to flat and unruly brows, Victoria Beckham's long-awaited brow launch is like 'no other' you've used before...

Victoria Beckham is pictured wearing a black blazer and is seen with a smoky eye-makeup look whilst arriving at the Premiere Of "Lola" at Regency Bruin Theatre on February 03, 2024 in Los Angeles, California/ in a pink template
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If you struggle with untameable brows or find that no gel thus far has offered a lasting fix, Victoria Beckham's latest beauty launch might just change the game...

If your brows are looking a little sparse or tend to lie flat, incorporating one of the best brow gels can work wonders to sculpt and define the hairs but, that said, like with the best mascaras, some work better than others or align more to our needs. For those with thick or rebellious brows especially, it can be quite a mission to find a gel that really sticks those suckers down - or it was, before Victoria Beckham fulfilled all our brow-related dreams.

Described as a brow gel like 'no other' you've ever tried before, Victoria Beckham's FeatherFix is the staple to add to your beauty bag, if you want perfectly secure and feathered brows that is...

Why we're snagging Victoria Beckham's new FeatherFix as a matter of urgency

Taking to her Instagram on Tuesday, June 18th, the icon announced the latest member of the Victoria Beckham Beauty family: FeatherFix Liquid Lifting Brow Gel.

Dubbing herself as 'brow obsessed', Beckham shared that this new product is "a brow gel like no other brow gel you've ever used," and really helps to create the illusion of a bushy but natural-looking brows.

And according to Beckham, it fixes the hairs in place so well that it even passes the 'jumper test' - the relatable ordeal of when you're taking off a jumper (or any article of clothing that goes over your head) and it inevitably snags your forehead on the way off, usually smearing the makeup there.

In the video, she demonstrated how she uses the 'Crystal Clear' option, alongside her BabyBlade Eyebrow Pencil, to fill and lock her arches in place, for a fluffy brow that lasts. The gel is also available in four other natural shades, all of which can be paired with a similarly tinted pencil or used on their own, for a more subtle, feathered finish. A gel-like this is especially perfect for those with sparse or fair eyebrows, to boost the colour of the hairs, whilst filling and sculpting them into place.

How to apply Victoria Beckham's FEATHERFIX brow gel

Like with any makeup look, begin with a clean and primed face, before then brushing through your eyebrows to help separate the hairs. If you need more coverage or prefer a fuller look, take your best eyebrow pencil and carefully fill in the area to your desired effect - creating thin hair strokes. Then grab your gel and comb the brush through the hair, brushing it up.

If you want a less spikey finish, you can also run your brush along the top of your brows, drawing the hair carefully to the side and down - when you reach the ends of your arches. We would also recommend using the 'Crystal Clear' option if you want a really subtle look or are already blessed with beautifully thick brows.

On the Victoria Beckham Beauty website, it recommends combing your brow hairs with an, "upward and outward motions," and allowing one minute for the gel to fully set.

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