This is the £20 fake tan Sienna Miller's tanning artist uses for a healthy glow – and it’s on sale right now

The likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Blake Lively are all reportedly fans of this fake tan for adding sunkissed radiance...

Sienna Miller smiles wearing a white lace dress with blonde beach waved hair and glowy makeup
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Looking for a soft and subtle golden glow in a bottle? Sienna Miller’s rumoured go-to fake tan is a cult classic for easy application and great results – and, better yet, it's on sale with 40% off right now.

Whether you opt for the best fake tan for mature skin or the best gradual tan, with summer right around the corner (and the lack of sun in the UK), now is the perfect time for updating your fake tan collection - and what better option than a celebrity-worn product?

Leading celebrity tan expert and founder of Isle of Paradise, Jules Von Hep, has tanned the likes of Sienna Miller, Kate Moss and Blake Lively – and even worked backstage prepping models' skin with his very own best-selling fake tan brand.

Just like Sienna Miller's cuticle oil, which would make a great addition to your own beauty arsenal, the affordable fake tan in question is currently on sale - making it the perfect time to snap it up and try it for yourself…

The fake tan Sienna Miller's tanning artist relies on for a golden glow all year round

When it comes to choosing a fake tan that will provide the results in an effortless swipe of application, aerated mousses are often the go-to option. Pair your chosen tan alongside a quality body lotion and a soft tanning mitt - we’d recommend this Isle of Paradise Double Sided Self Tan Mitt - to help elevate your look.

That sounds straightforward enough, right? Well, Sienna Miller reportedly uses this fake tan as her go-to to achieve an effortless holiday-worthy glow…

Making a great case for achieving a subtle bronze look, this ideal hue is perfect for those wanting to counteract any of your complexion’s inflammation and redness with colour-correcting green pigments.

It is rumoured that actresses Margot Robbie and Lily James are also fans of the tanning brand’s affordable and effective offerings, including the Isle of Paradise Self Tan Water.

How to apply your fake tan for an even finish

In order to achieve an even fake tan application, we’d recommend exfoliating your body 24 hours before, to ensure a smooth and clean base for your tanning product to stick to. Also during your tanning prep time, make sure to moisturise any dry areas of your skin, including hands, feet, knees, ankles and elbows, to avoid your tan clinging to dry areas and going patchy.

For an even and streak-free finish, pump your fake tan onto a tanning mitt and apply in sweeping circular motions. After allowing it to develop, wash off the guide colour in a lukewarm shower, before patting your skin dry with a towel - try to minimise any rubbing or scrubbing to keep your tan intact. Complete your routine by using moisturiser after fake tan, to help preserve and enhance your achieved bronzed glow.

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