How to get Olivia Colman's Oscars beauty look on a budget

Olivia Colman's Oscar skincare regime is based on just three inexpensive products that can help you get a serious glow

Olivia Colman on the red carpet
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Olivia Colman's Oscar's complexion is always flawless. Luckily we've discovered the secrets behind her glowing skin and they won't break the bank.

If you've already tried TikTok skincare hacks that'll leave your skin glowing and you are desperate for a new skincare routine, look no further than Olivia's iconic skincare regime for the Oscars.

Olivia Colman’s make-up artist, Sarah Uslan, revealed the skincare products she used to create Olivia's gorgeous glowy skin at last year's Academy Awards.

The makeup artist used a variety of affordable products from Emma Hardie, including Plump & Glow Hydrating Facial Mist, Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum, and Moisture Boost Vitamin C cream.

For anyone that suffers with dehydrated skin, Plump and Glow Hydrating facial mist is the perfect setting spray-esque product that will help your skin retain moisture throughout the day. 

Retaining moisture is one of the best tricks for ensuring your skin looks healthy and glowy, this beauty product is a true must-have but if the fact Olivia uses it doesn't convince you enough, it's also currently on sale.

Plump and Glow Hydrating Facial Mist, Was $50.40, Now $40.20 (Was £42, Now £33.50) | Emma Hardie

Plump and Glow Hydrating Facial Mist, Was $50.40, Now $40.20 (Was £42, Now £33.50) | Emma Hardie

This dream product is a moisture-packed hydrating facial mist that adds comfort, plumpness, and luminosity to the skin throughout the day.

Olivia Colman

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And while you may already have one of the best eye creams you might also want to follow Olivia's lead with the benefits of using an eye serum. 

Eye skincare in serum form, allows the product to penetrate more deeply into the skin surrounding your eye and reduce the effect of wrinkles. This is one of the thinnest layers of skin on your entire face, so retaining moisture here is vital.

Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum, £49 | Emma Hardie

Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum, £49 | Emma Hardie

Midas Touch Revitalising Eye Serum promises to lift and tighten the skin around the eye area as well as smooth fine lines.

The best Vitamin C serums are notoriously expensive, but the one used on Olivia— a Vitamin C enriched moisturizer from Emma Hardie—has both the qualities of a high-end vitamin serum and an everyday moisturizer for a very reasonable price.

Moisture Boost Vitamin C Cream, $69.00  (was £49 now £39.20) | Emma Hardie

Moisture Boost Vitamin C Cream, $69.00  (was £49 now £39.20) | Emma Hardie

Vitamin C helps to reduce visible signs of aging while leaving skin looking brighter. 

No doubt Olivia's skin will be just as bright for this year's ceremony and we can't wait to see what red carpet look she opts for too.

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