The popular hair trend that has changed after lockdown

jen atkin reveals lockdown impact common hair trends
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Celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin has revealed how lockdown has had a major impact on hair trends.

The beauty expert, who is an ambassador for Dyson hair, has revealed that months of lockdown has led to a change in hair trends - especially by making people more aware of the condition of their locks.

“There are so many women using this time to really embrace their natural texture,” says Jen, who is founder of Sephora-favourite Ouai Haircare.

“We’re seeing people learn how to style their hair using different techniques and products – so liberating for women that have never fully celebrated their natural texture before.”

lockdown change hair trends

According to the hair guru, who is known to boast a bunch of A-listers as clients, including both the Kardashian and Hadid sisters, Cindy Crawford, Hailey Bieber, Sofia Vergara and Jenna Dewan, now that people have noticed the health benefits of “giving their hair the break it deserves”, this could be a habit that continues well after lockdown.

“As a result of reduced exposure to extreme heat, heavy styling tool users are noticing a healthy change to their hair,” says Jen. “There is a desire to maintain this improved hair health and healthier look and feel of hair after we leave lockdown.”

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But while some people might be converted when it comes to using heat tools, there are still those who crave sleek straight locks or barrelled waves.

So how you can you keep your hair health in tact while getting still achieving the hair style you want? Try these tips…

Post lockdown hair trends: how to style hair healthily

Avoid over washing

lockdown change hair trends

“Sleek low buns – this is a great style allowing you to utilize the natural oils on your hair / scalp to slick the hair back,” says Jen, adding “The natural oils also give the illusion your hair is super shiny!”

“To create this style, part hair down the middle and brush the hair back towards the nape of the neck and tie in place with a hair elastic,” she explains.

Smooth down any flyaways with hairspray-laden toothbrush and you have a sleek pony that will help you get an extra day out of your wash!

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Apply a hair mask regularly

lockdown change hair trends

A hair mask will lock essential oils into your locks, meaning that hair will sleeker and less prone to frizz.

We love this Living Proof offering as it nixes frizz and leaves hair with a gorgeous shine.

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Use a hair serum

Take days off from styling by enhancing your natural hair with a clever serum.

Or try out an anti-frizz spray like Living Proof’s Instant De-Frizzer to achieve a sleek finish without the need for straighteners or a curling tong.

lockdown change hair trends

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Serum for straight hair

lockdown change hair trends

A nourishing oil that enhance shine, smooth the hair shaft and protect against heat.

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Serum for curly hair

lockdown change hair trends

Aveda’s clever cream helps to intensify natural curls and waves while getting rid of unwanted frizz.

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Invest in a low-damage hair styler

If you want to keep up with hair trends without damaging hair too much, opt for a hair-friendly tool.

“Hair health has become such a big topic during quarantine, so I think investing in better quality tools [will become a trend after quarantine],” says Jen.

“We are anticipating a trend for more people looking to achieve their same desired style, but with less heat.”

Dyson Airwrap

lockdown change hair trends

“The Intelligent Heat Control technology within Dyson styling tools will help people to reduce their hairs exposure, in turn reducing heat damage,” says Jen.

“This unique piece of engineering, combined with a range of heat settings on each tool, ensure temperatures can be tailored for the user’s hair type and desired style, while maintaining consistent heat output.”

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Dyson Corrale

lockdown change hair trends

“I love using my Dyson Corrale straightener,” says Jen, who uses the tool to straighten and wave her locks.

“The unique flexing plate technology shapes to gather hair, delivering a great result with half the damage of fixed plate straighteners.”

Read more about the Dyson Corrale here

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GHD Platinum

lockdown change hair trends

Predictive technology anticipates your hair's needs so that the tool doesn't use surplus heat.

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Lockdown has definitely made us more aware of our hair health, so we'll be making the most of these tips going forward!

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