The 8 non-obvious essentials our beauty editor always packs for a holiday

Don't be caught off-guard while you're away

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Holiday packing is never simple, but these non-obvious beauty travel essentials will elevate your toiletry bag - and stop you getting in a tight spot while you're away.

Whether it's our best long-lasting perfumes or our best hyaluronic acid serums, most of us tend to jam-pack our holiday beauty bags full - but we'll still end up in some sort of sticky situation while we're away because there was something we didn't think of.

Well, as a Beauty Editor who has also been fortunate enough to do a lot of travelling, I have my beauty packing down to a tee. These are not-so-obvious essentials I always pack - and usually end up sharing...

The non-obvious beauty travel essentials you need to pack for your next break

Whether it's for looks, comfort or making an impression with your scent, these are the beauty travel essentials I always pack for my holidays...

Foot cream

We all love a pre-holiday pedicure, but when it comes to aftercare, we can sometimes be a bit lax. With all the sun, sea, sand and walking around that comes with a holiday - in the same period of time we're getting our toes out in most of our outfits - topping up with a bit of foot cream will definitely not got amiss to help your shiny pedi last longer.

Hair serum

While this may seem obvious to some, my naturally-frizzy hair had to endure a long three days in a humid climate very serum-less after I failed to pack some in my toiletry bag. Take a couple of options, depending on your hair type - but if you're someone whose hair is affected badly by moisture, packing some of the best hair products for humidity is definitely a good idea.

Cuticle oil

With lots of sun around and our hands probably experiencing a lot of water and sand, our holiday manicures can quickly fade. Pack a cuticle oil to top up once or twice a day and keep your pre-hol BIAB nails or gel manicure looking fresh.

Hydrating face mask

If you're heading somewhere where you'll be spending most of the day in the sun, the sweaty heat or even a polluted city environment, one of the best face masks can keep your skin looking fresh and feeling healthy and comfortable - and prevent any post-trip acne flare-ups!

Lip mask

Most of us won't go anywhere without a trusty hydrating lip balm or two, but topping this with a nightly lip mask can really lock in the moisture and help lips stay softer, plumper and more comfortable for longer. It's a particular help in a warm climate or if you're going through a period of wearing more makeup than usual.

Travel perfume - but not as you might expect

Holiday scents usually means old testers, fragrance discovery sets or if we're really organised then a snazzy perfume atomiser - but there are other travel perfume formats that can work even better and give you more lasting scent.

Jo Loves does a very cool Fragrance Paintbrush, which dispenses little amounts of scent along your skin wherever you brush. Or Glossier's famous You fragrance comes in a solid perfume format that you can rub on wherever you need a top-up. Or if you want to still go for a liquid perfume Marc Jacobs does handy little capsules that you can take on-the-go to top up whenever you need. Much easier to carry around and they make for subtle top-ups.

Lip tint

If you like to have some colour on your lips but don't want to stress about top-ups or fading colour, a lip tint is a great choice. The best lip tints will bestow a sheen of flattering colour and most will last for a few hours at least - if not all day. The perfect solution for long days at the beach or out and about exploring.

Lightweight mascara

For me, lightweight mascara is a must-have on any holiday. Whether it's a beach and pool afternoon or a long day out and about, I don't like to have a completely just-got-out-of-bed look, so lightweight mascara gives my face a little pop that makes me look just finished enough.

If you have a trip coming up soon, make sure these beauty essentials are in your toiletry bag!

Aleesha Badkar
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