The underrated trick to topping up your signature perfume throughout the day

Want to leave a good-smelling impression without lugging around your full-size scents? Perfume atomisers are the staple you're sleeping on...

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We all love to smell good, all day, every day but while our full-size signature fragrances look great on the dresser, they don't exactly lend themselves to travel - which is where perfume atomisers come in...

Though we love our best long-lasting perfumes dearly, lugging them around in our handbags is sometimes the bane of our existence. First of all, there's the anxiety that their glass bottles might shatter, spilling their precious (and often very expensive) contents all over our things. Then there's the issue of the added weight and space taken up - esepcially if you've opted for the full-size version of one of the best perfumes for women, not that we would blame you.

Being able to top up your scent whenever the chic notes are waning is a powerful thing and can help solidify your good-smelling reputation - making the hassle almost worth it. However, it does seem we've all been overlooking a certain lipstick-sized, atomising contraption that could end this fragrance-related issue...

Why perfume atomisers are our go-to trick for lasting scents

Enter the humble perfume atomiser, which allows you to decant a portion of your favourite floral fragrance or pistachio perfume from the full-size bottle, without spilling or wasting any - or even splashing out on another, smaller-size perfume.

Ranging from anywhere between five to ten millimetres, a perfume atomiser is perfect for travel and just taking your go-to fragrance on the go, to whip out and spritz whenever you want/need a top-up.

Woman&home's Digital Beauty Editor, Aleesha Badkar is a big fan of the mini spritzers and says: "I like to top up my perfume in the afternoons, especially if I have plans after work, but I'm not one for carrying around full-sized bottles (although so much admiration for those who can) - so I end up being limited to any little testers that I happen to have or a 30ml Jo Malone spritz I was gifted once.

"That is until, on a whim, I bought a perfume atomiser. First of all, it's so easy to use and means I'm not longer limited to what scent I wear and take out with me."

Our 3 perfume atomiser picks

To ensure your scents go further (literally), we've rounded up a few perfume atomiser options, which can be used on any of your signatures, to decant a small amount that can slip into your bag for perfume-related emergencies or just a refresh.

You can of course, also shop many of your signature fragrances in smaller travel sizes or rollerball variations - like that of Glossier You and even Chanel's Coco Mademoiselle (7ml refillable mini available at Boots) - but an atomiser is refillable and as mentioned, can be used on your full-size scents, so win-win.

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