What Makes You Happy?

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Find out what should make you happy but doesn't - and vice versa...

Are some of us better at recognising happiness? Sonja Lyubomirsky explores this in her new book, The Myths of Happiness (Penguin), which is out now.

Happiness comes from unexpected places. The worst thing that has ever happened to you can, with time, be the best thing – the divorce that leads to new love; the redundancy that kickstarts a new business.. Likewise, your happiest moments can lead to your unhappiest – the dream job which robs you of time with your family; the dream home which chains you to a barely manageable mortgage. In truth, we’re very bad at knowing what will make us happy. We think ‘I’ll be happy when… I find love/ get rich/ get promoted’. We’re usually wrong on all counts.

Read on to find out the three things that shouldn’t make you happy but can – and vice versa…

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