Think yourself slim: kill the cravings

by Lynn Cardy on Friday, 25 September 2009

Weight gain isn't just down to your appetite missing an "off" switch. More often than not, it's linked with unresolved emotional issues that we suppress by eating.

A mind/body therapy like Emotional Freedom Technique - a kind of emotional acupuncture where a therapist stimulates meridian points by tapping with the fingers - is really good at releasing these emotions and resolving the eating problem. "It's highly effective when we're emotionally rather than physically hungry," says practitioner Sally Canning. "You know, those times when we're anxious, angry or sad and long for the ‘junkiest' of food."

What's the trick? Try hand tapping. "It's something that I give clients as ‘homework'," says Sally. When a craving starts, simply tap the side of your hand either with fingertips or the side of your other hand in a gentle ‘karate chop' and the craving will reduce in intensity. It's really simple but truly effective and works well if you're longing for something but don't quite know why."
To get a free fact sheet and EFT tapping chart, contact trainer and practitioner Sally Canning on 07792-728979;

"Don't let your inner critic sabotage your weight loss - tell it to shut up and go away!" Marisa Peer, hypnotherapist.

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