Think yourself slim: manage your hunger pangs

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Hunger pangs are the number-one diet deal-breaker, and tussling with them starts on day one of any weight-loss plan.

Naturally slim people eat only when they're hungry, using those signals to mentally make good food choices before they eat. The rest of us, who eat out of boredom, stress or because the clock says so, aren't good at decoding the signals. Understanding the pangs is key to staying on your weight-loss track.

What's the trick?

Weight-loss guru Pete Cohen suggests this: "Imagine a scale in your mind from one to ten. One equals hungry, ten is starving. Before you eat anything, check where you are on the scale - only eat if you're at six or above. If it's not real hunger, have a glass of water or a cup of tea, or go for a quick walk outside. However, don't allow yourself to get to nine or ten - you'll be so hungry you could overeat."

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