Special K diet

If your summer holiday is looming and the though of stripping down to your bikini on the beach fills you with dread, you could try this two week diet plan.

The eating plan

Meals: Eat a bowl of Special K cereal for breakfast and again at lunch or supper. Your other meal should be a healthy, nutritious option of your own choosing. Try to include fresh fruit and vegetables for an added nutritional boost.

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Snacks:  Eating between meals is allowed, but you should restrict yourself to munching on fresh fruit and veg, or choose from the range of low fat Special K snacks. There are fruity Special K bars and light bites too.

Worried that you'll get bored of cereal?

There are 10 varieties of Special K cereal to choose from, including red berries, peach and apricot, oats and honey and even chocolatey or yoghurty Special K!

- Always choose skimmed milk, semi-skimmed milk or a non-dairy alternative with your Special K cereal

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Take the Special K slimmer for summer challenge

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