Reclaim your waist diet: sleep plan

by Lynn Cardy on Thursday, 11 June 2009

Researchers have noticed that as the hours we sleep decrease – seven hours now, rather than eight in the past – so obesity levels rise to match. It’s an interesting link that’s still being researched and, as always, hormones are the usual suspects.

“When you’re sleep deprived, there’s a rise in the hormones involved in appetite,” says Vivienne Parry, author of The Truth About Hormones (Altantic, £8.99). “This tricks the body into thinking that it needs more fuel, as it must be daytime. And let’s face it, when you crave food, you don’t want the good stuff – you want to eat rubbish.” Some experts feel that an extra hour of sleep could cut 100 calories a day from our intake!

Start Now: A night of great sleeping
Try a ritual of bathing, reflexology and self-hypnotism from wellbeing guru Glenda Taylor to ease you into sleep.
- Spritz a little aromatherapy body oil over the surface of your bath water, swish and then relax in it for a while. Dry off and spritz more over the skin.
- Massage your feet. Each area reflects parts of the body, so work the big toe – head, the arch – digestion, and the balls of the feet – chest and lungs.
- Finally, slip into bed, relax and close your eyes. Make an affirmation in your head about what you want most – a smaller waist, maybe? Then count from ten back to one. Glenda says she hasn’t managed to reach one yet!

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