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Power walking isn’t for everyone, but you can make any step more meaningful with shoes that shape up your legs, ankles and thighs.

Fit flops

Hurrah, it’s warm enough to get back into our favourite exercise sandals. The internal gym promises toned legs and thighs, and we reckon a pert bum too! As a bonus, they seem to ease bad backs. New bright jelly colours are such a tonic!
Fit Flop Walkstar III Jelly, £45, victoriahealth.com; Regular Walkstar, £35, John Lewis.


The original anti-shoe which, thanks to some smart design,
distributes your weight evenly, activating neglected muscles to tone
legs, thighs and tum. Great if you have back or foot problems. You can even jog in them! Our fave this year? The Chapa in chilli red and grey are so cool.

£151, John Lewis. Visit swissmasai.co.uk

Chung Shi’s

The built-in reflexology bar plus the famous angled sole give your legs a real workout as you walk, injecting fitness into your daily routine. Once mastered, the rocking motion feels great, and fans reckon they help reduce cellulite and water retention.
From £129, ljmsports.co.uk.

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