The Raw Food Diet In Simple Steps

It's crunch time – you need to lose more than just a couple of pounds for summer, but you want to do it healthily and fast! No problem – the raw food diet, created by yoga expert Siri Datta, can do just that. Eating only raw fruits, veggies, sprouts, seeds and nuts, it couldn’t be easier – no calorie-counting angst, no cooking, and the rewards are fantastic!

'The benefits of going raw are endless! Fast, healthy weight loss, clear skin, lustrous hair, great energy and increased libido,' says Siri. Sound appealing? Then go for it!

3-day diet: Reduce bloat from your tum, find new energy and lose up to six pounds.
7-day diet: Really feel the benefits. A lighter body, brighter mind and even more energy.
10-day diet: See noticeable skin changes, plus you’ll start to look younger and fresher.

The rules: your 3, 7 or 10-day diet
It couldn’t be easier! Eat only raw veggies, fruits, sprouted seeds and nuts, plus healthy oils and honey; drink only water, fresh juices and smoothies.

Breakfast: Perfect between 7am and 9am
Start your day with two glasses of water with a hint of fresh lemon to cleanse your system. Sip slowly to aid absorption.
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Lunch: Perfect between 12 and 2pm

This should really be the heaviest meal of the day, with lots of greens, salads, sprouts and vegetables.

Supper: Perfect between 6 and 8pm
The golden rule is never eat after 8pm. Whatever you eat then just sits in your system fermenting, and in turn converts into fat and weight gain.
This is when you should eat your good fats to repair while you sleep, and heal the system. Try to include avocado, salad dressings and nuts.

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Drink at least two litres of natural water slowly through the day. Don’t drink it all in the morning and none in the afternoon.

Mini Size Me
Our diet was taken from yoga expert Siri Datta and raw food chef Dunkan Campbell’s fantastic book Mini Size Me, part of a 40-day programme of optimum health and nutrition. Find out more at

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