Walking posture

by Lynn Cardy on Friday, 1 May 2009

Training for a Ribbon Walk or just walking for fitness? Check out our daily tips in our 30 day walking fitness plan

Day eight – Correct your walking mistakes
You'd think that walking correctly would be natural, but no. We all make common mistakes that, once corrected can get you moving more economically.

Practice a little walking mindfulness and check your moves.
- Leaning forwards – and looking down is a bid of a bad habit that comes often through trying to lengthen your stride to cover more ground. Keep your head up, eyes ahead and take shorter steps – you’ll progress quicker!
- Swinging arms across the body – this isn’t going to help propel you at all. Swing arms from the shoulders and keep your elbows at right angles.
- Lifting arms higher than your shoulder. This is a real energy waster. Keep elbows tucked in and arm movements fairly small. Don’t drop arms lower than your waist or higher than your chest. 

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