Shoes that tone: MBTs, FitFlops and Chung Shis

Tone your thighs and bottom with smart shoes that have inbuilt gym technology. Woman and home magazine's experts pick the best ones.

Exercise is key to firm thighs and a perky rear, and regular determined walking will do it for you. But add some shoes with inbuilt gym technology and results come quicker.

Designed to recreate the benefits that walking on uneven natural surfaces once gave us. We all know the MBT trainers, but their new shoes are perfect for summer and tone you just as efficiently.

MBT Kaya, £145, sizes 35-41
Available online from

Chung Shis
A great trainer with a reflexology bar at its heart and a 15 degree angled sole. Just by wearing them you can work your stomach muscles to tone and strengthen. Walk in them and calves and thighs get a fabulous workout. Choose black or red for serious walk-outs, maybe white for summer.

Chung shi Comfort Step in white and balance step in red, £129, sizes 3-11.
Available online from

Fit Flops
Our favourite for summer. Fans noted sleeker legs and rear just from wearing them around the house and out and about. We guarantee you’ll love them so buy two pairs. One sporty, one in glossy black patent – sexy and effective, how often do those two go together?

Fitflops Grey WalkStar £36, Patent WalkStar II £45
Available online from

Inspired to get walking? Check our walking clubs

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