Weight Watchers diet

Woman and home magazine put the Weight Watchers diet on test. Our guinea pigs tested the diet for weight loss effectiveness over a month, and we asked top nutritionist Vicki Edgson to give her verdict.

Diet: Weight Watchers, weightwatchers.co.uk

Selling point: Lose weight but still eat what you want.

In a nutshell: Participants attend weekly meetings where they are given a plan and a points system to follow. They are weighed weekly and Weight Watchers has its own range of foods to help you cut back on your fat and calorie intake.

Vicki says: “This is an effective way of losing weight but there is a danger that because of the points system, people can end up focusing more on points than on getting a good nutritional allowance.”

Good for: “People who want to lose weight quickly for a special occasion, and for those who like to diet in a group.”

Tester's verdict:
Jean Peel, 64

Before weight: 13st 12½lb
After weight: 13st 1½lb

She says: “I thought Weight Watchers was very good. It was more about healthy eating rather than just simply dieting. It gave me a good plan to follow, and having other people around you at the weekly meetings makes it much more fun.

I was surprised to find that I never felt hungry or tired and I feel that this is the first time in my life when a diet has really worked for me as it’s something I can stick to.” 

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