Snacks should never become the enemy when you're trying to lose weight. Instead get to know which foods are good for snacking on and which foods can actually help you lose weight.

Some food myths say that fruit is bad to snack on because of the hidden sugars, when in fact these sugars can actually help defeat cravings, and healthy fats found in some nuts can actually help to speed up your metabolism!

If you're unsure of what snacks to stock up on when you're on a diet, follow our guide of these personal trainer approved foods that are perfect for those mid-afternoon cravings:


Bananas are the perfect healthy snack if you're on a diet or trying to lose weight as they're extremely filling and release energy slowly, making your body feel fuller for longer. The sweetness of bananas also helps to curb your cravings for sugary food.

A large banana has around 121 calories in it.


Hazelnuts are packed full of vitamins and oils and (contrary to popular belief) they are not fattening! They're also rich in fibre which is great for keeping food moving through the body. Eating nuts like hazelnuts also speeds up your metabolism which makes you burn calories.

A large handful of hazelnuts is around 170 calories.


Avocados have a high fibre content, good protein levels and low carbohydrate levels which means they leave you feeling satisfied and full after you eat them - so you're less likely to snack again a few hours later.

There are roughly 160 calories in an avocado.


Almonds contain healthy fats, fibre, protein, magnesium and vitamin E. Almonds can help reduce blood pressure, blood sugar levels and cholesterol! They're also excellent at curbing hunger and therefore promoting healthy weight loss.

A 15g handful of almonds contains 92 calories.


The oats in granola have a high fibre and iron content whilst the nuts and seeds contain healthy unsaturated fats and protein. Just watch out for the high sugar content in some brands of granola, always check the label and opt for brands with less sugar.

A granola bar has on average around 400 calories.

Vanilla Almond Butter

Almond butter is a dieter's best friend due to its high protein content and lack of carbohydrates, so it fills you up and then keeps you satisfied. It's also an excellent source of fibre, so it's perfect drizzled into some porridge or on a slice of rye bread.

A serving contains around 98 calories.

Berry Smoothie

Smoothies are a great tool for weight loss because you can control the ingredients! They are perfect for keeping you full whilst ensuring you're getting portions of fruit into your routine. Berries in particular are also high in antioxidants so great for your general health and well-being.

There are roughly 186 calories in a berry smoothie serving.

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt has a higher source of protein than normal yoghurt so is a better choice is you're trying to lose weight. Try non-fat greek yoghurt to get the benefits without the calories. Have it for breakfast, with some fruit of your own choosing, for a great way to start the day.

There are 59 calories per 100g of greek yogurt.


The chickpeas and sesame paste found is hummus make it a high fibre food - so it can actually helps you lose weight instead of gain fat. Perfect with carrot sticks or cucumber slices so you can inject some veggies into your snacking too!

A 2-tablespoon serving of hummus contains around 70 calories.


Popcorn is a great replacement for high calorie snacks, so this in itself can help you lose weight! Aired popcorn is high in fibre and physically takes longer to eat than other snacks so you won't actually eat as much as other snacks and it will also leave you feeling fuller for longer too!

A small bag of popcorn usually contains around 100 calories.