Maria Sofia Marmanides

Astrologer and tarot reader

Maria Sofia is a Greek-American writer, astrologer, Tarot reader, and intuitive. She is a lifelong lover and student of the stars, who has been practicing divination and magic for 20+ years. 

Maria is Leo Sun, Cancer Moon, and Virgo Rising. Her favorite natal placement in her chart is her Virgo Mercury conjunct the ascendant that makes her a fast writer and talker and she smiles anytime she pulls the Queen of Wands or the Nine of Pentacles. 

She's also an author and her upcoming book, The One Card Tarot Journal, from Adams Media and Simon & Schuster is available for preorder now.

You can find her on social media at @MariaSofia_Astro where she discusses mundane, horary, and natal astrology—with a blend of heart and humor.

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