February new moon 2022—new moon in Aquarius says it's time to look at the bigger picture

February new moon 2022 in Aquarius says it’s time to start working on the vision board—here's what that means for your star sign

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February new moon 2022 is in Aquarius. This new moon is inviting us to not only dream about the future but make it real. It's here to remind us that when we think about where we want to be tomorrow, we must lay the groundwork for manifesting that desire today.

This year has truly taken off with serious drama as Venus in retrograde 2022 was in full swing. The new moon in Capricorn, January 2022, also known as the Wolf Moon, may have you had you howling, but this new lunar cycle should hopefully usher in a more chilled pace. 

Thankfully, we're easing ourselves into the Moon calendar 2022 with a less hectic month ahead. We start the month with a sigh of relief as at least one of the personal planets, Venus, has ended her retrograde and is now stationed direct—with Mercury soon to follow on February 4. And considering Mercury in retrograde 2022 takes place FOUR times, you better enjoy this break!

While we’re not quite out of the retrograde woods just yet, as both planets will have to clear their retrograde shadow, this new moon is reminding us that new cycles—and new opportunities—are always right around the corner.

This new moon is on February 1, 2022, and every new moon offers us a chance for scripting out our manifestation goals and deepest wishes. However, with a new moon ruled by Saturn, like this one, we have extra urgency to put pen to paper and most importantly, start the work. Saturn is the planetary taskmaster after all, just look at Saturn return, and he wants us to get to work!


The new moon in Aquarius perfects at 12 degrees of Aquarius and occurs at 12:44 AM EST on February 1, 2022. The new moon also welcomes in Chinese New Year 2022 and many interesting Chinese zodiac predictions for 2022, the Year of the Water Tiger.

As we enter the second month of this year, we’re being asked to think about the next 11 months and create an action plan. Aquarius is a sign that encourages us to dream bigger than we believe possible.

You'll be hoping that you line up with Aquarius compatibility as this go-ahead sign has it all. It's the sign most associated with revolutionary thinking, rebellious attitudes, humanitarian inventiveness, and moments of breakthrough genius ideas.


With the Lunar Nodes having recently moved into Taurus and Scorpio, plus Saturn remaining very strong in its home sign of Aquarius through the duration of the year, the fixed signs will be especially activated by this new moon. 

This goes doubly so if you have any personal planets in the fixed signs between 10-15 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. For example, if your natal Sun, Moon, or Ascendant falls at those degrees, whatever seeds you plant during this lunation will also be influenced by that natal placement.


The Saturn-Uranus square that defined 2021, and influenced last month’s new moon in Capricorn, is still very much in play at this moment. Both of these Aquarius-associated planets are asking—where can you add more structure in your life so you can feel more liberated later?

With so many planets still in Capricorn, we may feel inclined to work, grind and hustle. But the Aquarius moon wants you to stop for a moment and ask what all that labor is for. 

We don’t grow up wanting to work, not necessarily; we grow up wanting to “be” something. We dream of being an artist, a teacher, a doctor, a singer, an astronaut, or any profession that inspires us to feel like we’re part of something greater than ourselves. 

Our work is a means to that end. Saturn asks us to do the work—often hard work, grunt work, or work we wish we could put off. But when we do the work, we get the reward, the Saturnian payoff. And Aquarius invites us to imagine that utopian ideal.

You might have already got your head around the idea of full moon rituals, but now is the time to harness that Aquarian energy to manifest your deepest desires into reality. 

Full Moon Rituals

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How to manifest your dreams on a new moon

What would we feel like if we were living our dream right now? Where would we be? Who would we be with? What has your 2022 love horoscope suggested you need to take a look at?

This new moon is that cosmic invitation to script that manifestation. Start with a simple meditation. Take a deep breath and then imagine the answers to those questions. 

How would you feel if you got everything you wished for? By feeling it, we send signals to not only to the Universe but to our internal emotional processing—that we believe that it can be true. It can be real. 

Free yourself from doubt. Bet on the best outcome. Dream your biggest dreams. And then do the hard work of planting those seeds now. Reach out to friends, coworkers, and acquaintances who can help you, if needed. There is space for all of us to have what we want, to live our dreams.

Then check back and see where you are in 6 months at the Aquarius Full Moon of August 2022 as the story of this new moon will continue to reverberate throughout the year.


Aries, this new moon is inviting you to make a commitment to aligning yourself with people who love, support, and understand you. The authentic you. This lunation is a cosmic reminder that friendship and a helping hand are available to you if you ask. While you are fiercely independent, consider how being radically honest about yourself and your greatest hopes can help you feel part of the greater whole.


What do you want to be known for, Taurus? When someone says your name, what identifier do you want to follow? Is it your profession? Is it a personal achievement? Is it your drive and dedication? Consider your legacy during this lunation and if the work you do and people currently know you for is how you want them to remember you in one year; in five years; in ten. If you have hesitations, now is the time to start changing that narrative.


Gemini, you’re being asked to pursue a specific passion and then throw your entire heart into it. You are known for your curious, open-minded approach, and this lunation is asking you to take that natural-born inquisitiveness and see it through to the end. It could be going deeper into a field of study, pursuing mastery of a spiritual practice, traveling more. It’s time to make that proverbial bucket list—and then start checking items off.


This new moon is asking you to explore your relationship with the word 'safety.' What makes you feel secure? Where can you be your most vulnerable—and with who? These are the relationships you are being asked to cultivate, Cancer—and perhaps refrain from fertilizing those relationships or dynamics that don’t uplift you. Those that don’t allow you to be authentically yourself; where you feel you must retreat in your proverbial crab shell. Instead, use this lunation to strengthen relationships—at work, at home, in love, with money—that allow you to feel at peace.


Ruled by the heart, Leos love the idea of love, and that’s why this is a perfect lunation for Leos to build or fortify their existing relationships. Where are you currently experiencing imbalances in your most intimate relationships? Are you feeling lonely whether you’re single or in a partnership? Is your voice being heard? Are you fully yourself? Are you doing too much—or not enough? Use this lunation to manifest the kind of love you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of your current relationship status.


While Virgos are known for their reliance on structure, you are not a stodgy or boring sign. Whatever systems you have in place in your day, whether it’s maintaining a certain wake-up schedule, using color-coded organizational tabs, or scheduling non-negotiable calendar blocks, this Aquarian lunation is inviting you to add something inventive to your routine that will make your life easier. That way, you can feel more aligned between your needs and your desires and be at your most productive—and most importantly, creative and generative self.


This lunation is asking Libras to pour your whole heart into something you love. Something that starts out being just for you. What feels personal and precious to you? What lights you up inside? What brings you joy and pleasure? This new moon could be a great time to reconnect with your inner child and think about what you dreamed of being or doing when you were a kid. How can you incorporate that youthful optimism and excitement into this next phase? How can you make that dream a reality?


What feels like home to you, Scorpio? Where can you kick up your feet, let down your guard, and rest your head? And with who? We know that as a Scorpio, you treat your personal space as a fortress. But do you feel like your current environment supports your ability to consider your home as a sanctuary? Use this lunation to consider what structures you can add or remove to make your home more conducive to your needs. Plant these seeds now to plant firmer roots for the future.


Thinking about the big picture comes easily to you, Sagittarius. Getting into the thick of the details, however? Sitting down to plot and plan how it will get done? That’s not usually where you spend your time. But this lunation is pointing to you to do just that. You likely already have your dream envisioned. Now it’s time to meet the Universe halfway and start taking concrete action steps on it. Plant those seeds, water them, watch it come to life.


For you, Capricorn, this lunation is asking you to consider your relationship with your earnings. You’re known as the hard worker of the zodiac. Nothing short of mastery will make you feel accomplished. But can you define yourself outside of a number—on a scale, in your paycheck, in your bank account, in some other kind of rank? Your value is so much more than what you can produce for others. It’s time to reframe your conversation about what you earn to start thinking about the care and kindness you actually owe yourself.


Now is your time to shine, Aquarius, even if you’re not entirely sure of the end destination. With a new moon, there is no light in the night sky. We can’t always see where we’re going, but we trust that we’ll get there. By believing in ourselves. In our innate capacity for self-compassion. In our ability to recognize our inherent worth, talents, and skills. Pick something you love about yourself, and then work with that to watch your dreams manifest.


This new moon is all about your dreams, Pisces. The ones that you picture in your waking mind, the goals you want to achieve, but also the ones that occur to you in your subconscious mind, the ones that come to you in your sleep. What is the connection between your dream world and your dream job? Your dream relationship? Your dream life? When you can connect the passions that lie beneath the surface with how you live your life, then you can manifest a reality that integrates all parts of yourself, mind, body, and soul.

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