October Full Moon 2022 says heal from the past so you can be ready for the future - here's what that means for your star sign

The October Full Moon 2022 in Aries is brim-full with the energy to help you let go of the past and grab your future by the (ram's) horns

October Full Moon 2022
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Compassion is the theme for the October Full Moon 2022. This month’s Full Moon is in Aries – namely, our ability to offer to other people as well as to ourselves. 

Taking place on October 9, 2022, at 4:54 PM EST, this Full Moon, known as the Hunter's Moon, is in close contact with the asteroid Chiron, known as 'the wounded healer' in astrology. It means that we may feel extra sensitive around this time – like our deepest fears or underlying insecurities could feel particularly raw, brimming to the surface, or even publicly exposed. But luckily, at that exact moment, the Sun is tightly connected to Venus, which offers a kind and compassionate counterbalance to the lunar intensity - hello Libra season 2022!

As these planets travel along together in this alignment, the spotlight will be on healing our relationships with other people and with our own bodies, hearts, and minds. Because Full Moons are often about release, this signals that we can let go of shame around asserting our needs. As the stars invite us to examine old thought patterns, self-limiting beliefs, or repetitive behaviors, we can see how they’ve helped us cope, but also could now be holding us back. And as honor our needs, we can begin to let go of people or dynamics that don’t serve our highest and best – but doing so with gratitude, peace, and compassion instead of anger or resentment.

The October Full Moon 2022 is a cosmic invitation to be kinder to ourselves and others, as we are all waging internal battles that others often know nothing about. 

Also, take note that this last lunation we have before the intensity of eclipse season begins later this month - just when you thought the chaos of Mercury retrograde 2022 was enough. The stars are encouraging us to recalibrate and realign. And to believe in ourselves, in our ability to heal from the past, to be ready for the future, and to know that we’re going to be OK.

Here's how the October Full Moon 2022 will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

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It’s OK to be yourself, Aries. You’re a sign that’s known for courage. And you know what’s truly courageous? Facing the fear of being misunderstood, mocked, or rejected – and still going out there and doing what makes you happy. This Full Moon, in your first house of self, let go of any inclination to fix or change yourself. Instead, settle into accepting yourself. Wherever you are and however far that is from where you thought you’d be, or other people think you "should” be. Because when circumstances appear new on the outside – your appearance has shifted, you switched careers, your friends are different, your relationship status has changed – you are still you. And that’s pretty great.


It’s OK to make a mistake, Taurus. And when you do, you can show yourself some compassion for where you were when you made that blunder – and who you were when you did. Sometimes we don’t always live up to our own ideals or expectations. But we learn and grow from those moments. It’s a reminder that just like everyone else, you’re human. Let go of the need for everything to appear perfect and instead, embrace a certain kind of messiness. With this Full Moon in your twelfth house of the subconscious, you’re being invited to turn inward and enjoy being perfectly imperfect. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Trust that.


It’s OK to shift your focus, Gemini. Take your social media usage for example. It’s likely you’ve not only grown weary of it – you’ve grown wary of it, too. What started out as a fun tool to connect with friends and family may now create feelings of frustration, resentment, or anxiety. As the October Full Moon 2022 is in your eleventh house of networks, the stars are asking you to let go of your need to be in the know, particularly if it’s affected your mood or outlook. It’s still real even if it’s not documented on a social platform – in fact, it may be more real because it isn’t. Take a break if you feel so called.


It’s OK to have imposter syndrome, Cancer, that feeling that you’re not actually qualified for your role – and that any minute you’ll be found out. We all question ourselves, but when it becomes self-doubt, it can stop you from pursuing opportunities. Ones that are right in front of you! Your job during this Full Moon in your tenth house of career is to quiet your inner – or outer – critic. Let go of the need to compare yourself to other people or some idealized model of perfection that doesn’t exist. We all have flaws – being perfect is not the price you pay to excel in your profession. In fact, your perceived flaw is likely your greatest strength. Use it.


It’s OK to change your mind, Leo. You’re not shy about expressing your opinion or making your beliefs known. But what happens when you’re identified with one point of view – and now find yourself drifting? Or even just less passionate about that topic? Is saving face more important than being authentic to where you now are? Learning and growing is what we’re here to do. It’s what makes life interesting. It’s also how you can lead by example. With this Full Moon in your ninth house of philosophy and spirituality, let go of your inner lion’s need to roar. Instead, be bold and brave enough to not only change - but acknowledge where you may have been wrong.


It’s OK to be vulnerable, Virgo. This Full Moon could initially be intense for you as it could stir up old wounds, long-held secrets, and perhaps a tendency to use control or perfectionism as a shield from hurt. With the October Full Moon 2022 in your eighth house of secrets, your call is to find a safe outlet in which you can begin to let these go. Perhaps it’s confiding in a trusted friend, partner, counselor, or journal. The weight has been heavy to carry – and the stars are inviting you to trust that support is waiting on the other side, someone or something that can either help you bear this load or help you put it down completely.


It’s OK to want to be in a relationship, Libra. Seeing an astrology meme on social media that’s yet again about your love of love can be tiresome certainly – but what if you let go of the need to prove that wrong? What if you came to allow yourself to want the thing that most every person on this planet longs for: a partner? Someone to be by their side, to laugh at their jokes, to make memories with, to build a life with? What is so bad about that? With the October Full Moon 2022 in your seventh house of partnership, embrace who you are and what you want. And if that’s love, then be about that. Proudly.

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It’s OK to ask for help, Scorpio. You do not have to go it alone – even if prior experience has hardwired you to activate your defense mechanisms and decide it’s best to fend for yourself. This Full Moon in your sixth house of health and habits is inviting you to let go of the reins. This is the perfect time to offload some of your responsibilities and delegate tasks to coworkers, family members, etc. Here’s what might surprise you: they are more capable than you might think. You don’t have to work yourself to the ground to prove to anyone else, including yourself, that you can fly solo. Everyone knows that. But can you partner up?


It’s OK to like the things you like, Sagittarius. People say you’re a fun-loving sign like it’s a bad thing. Why is it wrong to expect more out of life? To want to live it to the fullest? With this Full Moon in your fifth house of pleasure, let go of any shame or guilt about how you spend your leisure time. So much of our days are structured around the opposite: duty, obligations, responsibilities. Why not afford yourself fun and frivolity when given the opportunity? It doesn’t matter what fun looks like to you. Reading. Writing. Drawing. Dancing. Carousing. Other -ing words! What’s important is that you’re actively participating in your life.


It’s OK to relax, Capricorn. You work so hard, all the time. Perhaps it’s time to let go of the need to always be on, to always be grinding – and available to others. With this Full Moon in your fourth house of home, remember that this is your most private area. The part of you that not everyone gets to see. It means that knowing you is a privilege. Your time, your energy, your commitment – they all have value. So, take care of your most prized asset: yourself. Let go of the need to always be there for everyone else so you can show up for who matters most: you. 


It’s OK to outgrow a friendship, Aquarius. Sometimes people change – and sometimes, they don’t. What you are willing to accept? Do you feel respected by the other person? And do you respect their beliefs? Do you enjoy spending time with them? Answering these questions takes honest assessment of your needs – and what this Full Moon in your third house of communication is asking of you. It may not be about expecting others to change who they are or how they may cope (or not) – it may be accepting their limits. And understanding what you’re willing to participate in – or not. Whatever you decide, do so with peace and compassion for where they are – and where you are. 


It’s OK to want nice things, Pisces. But do you know why you want them? This Full Moon in your second house of resources wants you to let go of any guilt you associate with possessions – and instead, understand what is driving you. It’s about needs vs. wants – and knowing that both have a space to be fulfilled. Most of us grow up with the experience of being told “no” when we wanted something so badly. But has that created an overindulgence spending spree response in your adult life? Or instead, do you deny yourself even simple pleasures because it doesn’t feed an immediate need? This is about rebalancing your relationship with money – and desire.

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