Uranus retrograde 2022 means expect the unexpected – really: Here's your zodiac forecast

Uranus retrograde 2022: What it means and how it affects your sign, when this wildcard planet turns backward in its tracks

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Uranus retrograde 2022 is one of those times where the phrase, “expect the unexpected,” couldn't be more accurate. This old maxim can come across as confusing or, at least, not very useful advice. If you expect something unexpected to occur, then when the event actually comes to pass, it wasn’t very unexpected then, was it?

Which is often why when we anticipate chaos, the always-unpredictable and ever-rebellious Uranus can sometimes do seemingly, well, nothing. As one of the trickier of the astrological events in 2022, conversely, when we decide not to pay any mind where Uranus is in the sky, suddenly we’re thrown an unforeseen wrench in our plans and nothing’s going according to plan.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of Uranus’s retrograde turn. It’s not that suddenly Uranus becomes opposite to his true nature. But now this revolution-seeking planet can offer us more clues on what his radical plans for us. The retrograde offers us a moment to incorporate those transformations. 

When Uranus turns retrograde, we come to realize that sometimes the most unexpected part of a shocking event that transpires isn’t what happened – it’s that we were surprised by it at all. Particularly if we decided to stick our heads in the proverbial sand and ignore the mounting evidence that had been right in front of us this entire time. Uranus retrograde is when the blinders are taken off and we begin to see exactly what we must confront.

Now we can actually expect the unexpected – because we’ve seen the themes. Note that Uranus has been in earth sign Taurus since May 2018. As a sign, Taurus is about stability, security, and predictability – and as we’ve described above, Uranus is anything but those things. Uranus in any sign shakes our foundations, but in resource-oriented Taurus, we’ve been rattled by economic instability, food and labor shortages, extreme weather, climate, and environmental change. Uranus will not exit Taurus until 2025, meaning we still time to make the necessary adjustments, as it’s been particularly fraught in the collective and even in some areas of our personal lives.

Here's how the Uranus retrograde that begins on August 24, 2022, and lasts until January 22, 2023, will affect you depending on your star sign. For the most accurate reading, look at your sun or rising sign according to your astrology birth chart.

How will Uranus Retrograde 2022 affect your star sign?

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How is your rainy-day fund looking, Aries? In times such as these, when money and finances seem to be particularly challenging all around the world, Uranus decides to turn retrograde in your second house of earned income. But wait, before you panic, know that this is a good thing. You may have felt rocked over by a series of financial setbacks – like unexpected payments due or appliances breaking down suddenly – that have kept you from feeling totally at ease about your savings. But with this five month retrograde, you can claim your power over those important adulting kind of tasks. The number of your bank balance is less important than the comfort you feel about it. Every time you pay a bill or swipe your card, repeat an abundance mantra that it all comes back to you times three – even if the teller gives you funny looks when you do.


Uranus has been traveling through your first house of selfhood – and if there is any sign having a cosmic wakeup call, it’s you, Taurus. Now that we’re midway through Uranus’s stay, you can use this retrograde period to take stock of how much radical personal change you’ve undergone since 2018. It’s very likely that your life looks wildly different now than it did back then – you yourself may even appear radically different. Remember that in astrology – any mythology – Uranus is the Great Awakener. It’s your time to release anything that is inauthentic or holding you back from genuine self-expression – and awake and arise to become the person you were always meant to be. Rebel against expectations or the status quo if you must. You won’t be alone, at least not for long, if you can remain true to what sets your soul aflame.


If you need a break, take it, Gemini. Uranus is currently retrograde in your twelfth house of the subconscious, and over the last several years, you may have been confronting many ghosts of your past. It’s possible that you’ve had anxious thoughts percolating from the recesses of your mind or memory – and you may have struggled with how to integrate these pervasive and possibly even persistent patterns. Now is the time to consider if you want to keep doing things the way you’ve always done them. You’re a lover of variety – so why not use this retrograde to take a step back and look at your situation from a unique perspective? Use your natural curiosity about others and direct that energy inward. Be willing to discover what makes you tick and what you need for better self-care and emotional regulation. This is about you and your needs, Gemini.


Take a look at your current crew. Are they the same people you saw and spent the most time with before 2018? With Uranus in your eleventh house of social networks, chances are, you’ve undergone a crew re-do, cosmically speaking. As a sign that seeks security and comfort, you enjoy spending time with and confiding in people you already know. Unfamiliar faces can be ones you take a while to warm up to – but now change has been forced upon you. Use this Uranus retrograde to reflect on all the growth you’ve experienced – and if you feel like something (or someone) is missing. If there is an old friend you miss, whether from childhood or your former work bestie, reach out to them. If it’s a support structure you’re longing for, see what you can do to make your new circle feel like home – because you’re great at that, Cancer.


Has work been rattling your nerves lately, Leo? Has your career felt like an endless series of stops and starts, too? With Uranus rocking your tenth house of public image, what others know you for, namely, what you do for a living, has likely undergone some radical transformations. While it’s possible you’re still in the same profession you’ve had since 2018, even then, there have undoubtedly been major changes in daily operations – ones that have left you questioning your future. Uranus is not here to rupture your life – instead, this retrograde is here to shake up your thinking about your legacy. Work, even if you love what you do, does not define you. It’s something you do. It’s not the essence of who you are. This Uranus transit is here to help you get clear on who you really are – and what stories you want to be told about you.


What you once thought was a passing hobby is likely turning into a lifestyle commitment, Virgo. With Uranus making his presence known in your ninth house of spirituality, travel, and higher learning, you’ve likely had a series of new interests crop up over the last few years. Perhaps you’ve taken a sudden interest in astrology, wanting to advance from laughing at an astrology meme to wanting to undertake a more serious study of the stars. Maybe you’ve gone back to school to get a more advanced degree or learn a new trade, art, or healing practice. And despite all the travel setbacks of recent years, you’re liking planning a whirlwind vacation somewhere on your bucket list. This retrograde is about incorporating all your new interests and learnings and applying them to your current lifestyle – without shame. If it interests you, pursue it and use the retrograde to synthesize it with your routine.


With this transit currently in your eighth house of karmic debts, sex, and secrets, it’s likely that what’s been buried deep beneath the surface has been unearthed since Uranus moved into Taurus. Now with this current retrograde, you get a momentary breather and a chance to assess, celebrate, and integrate the changes you’ve undergone into your new and hopefully improved lifestyle. Your relationships with other people, like family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners, have likely contributed to this change, as you’ve been compelled to draw firmer boundaries with those who are unable to meet you where you are and where you want to be. This retrograde is drawing you deeper into this story, reminding you to reclaim your power by owning your authenticity. And that means not allowing anyone, even loved ones, to project their own fears, anxieties, or insecurities onto you. You’ve come too far, Libra. Keep going.


Changes have been afoot in your love life, Scorpio, as the last several years have probably rocked your world in both welcome and more challenging ways. Uranus in your seventh house of partnership has likely signaled a dramatic status in your relationship status – if you were perennially single, you could have found yourself on the receiving end of a whirlwind romance that swept you off your feet. If you were in a committed relationship, perhaps Uranus introduced some unexpected shocks and surprises that could have left you feeling less than patient for it to end – and with your partner. This retrograde marks a stasis moment in this dynamic, like the calm after the storm. Your question is, after all, that’s been kicked up, what can you do to repair anything that’s broken – or replace dynamics or systems that no longer are working? It’s time to work through how you’ll work through this – together.


If there is anything you cannot abide by, it’s boredom, Sagittarius. Beyond boredom, the very thought of the mundane, of repeating the same routine, day after day, week after work, for an entire lifetime, is intolerable. And you can thank Uranus for bringing this need for variety and freedom in your daily routine to your attention. With this transit in your sixth house of habits, it’s time for you to consider all the ways you’ve outgrown what you’re currently doing – and get divinely inspired to try something new, to do something differently, and be someone you’ve always wanted to be. Despite what anyone else tells you about “the rules,” Uranus retrograde is showing you that you can make your life – and your day – what you want it to be. Because why not? Because who says you can’t? Don’t let anyone give you “no” as a final answer.


It’s inevitable: when we hear the word “retrograde,” we’re trained to expect to hear the phrase, “don’t text your ex.” But with Uranus currently retrograde in your fifth house of fun, love, and romance, maybe you will. Or maybe you’ll be on the receiving end of this message. While you’re never encouraged to break your boundaries or reinvite toxic patterns back into your life, this transit could see the welcome reappearance of a former flame. You could find yourself reminiscing on previous good times – and either make plans to reconnect or thank each for the memories. This retrograde is a reminder that even if a relationship wasn’t permanent, even if it never led to a confirmed or solid commitment, that those experiences can leave a lifelong impression on us. The relationship still mattered to you – and could inspire your next piece of creative work. Prepare for divine inspiration, Capricorn.


Your home life may have had some major changes – perhaps you’ve changed cities or towns, moved to a new home, or had family members move in or out of your abode. With Uranus now retrograde in your fourth house of home and family, the series of unexpected shifts have slowed down and now you’re being asked to integrate those changes moving forward. With all these changes in your external environment has signaled a profound shift in your inner world. Perhaps you see that you crave more independence and freedom and are looking to shirk some of your domestic responsibilities. It’s perfectly fine to declutter – whether that’s literally or figuratively. If you need extra space, take it. If you crave more emotional comfort, ask for it. Whatever you do, it’s time to assert your needs now that the dust has settled.


Is drama a central part of your conversations? Is your ever-changing relationship status the subject of group chats? Are you seemingly addicted to having your phone nearby? Is it the first thing you look at in the morning and the last before you fall asleep? With this Uranus retrograde in your third house of communication, you’re being invited to take a social media timeout. And that doesn’t have to look like locking your phone away. But it is about considering your relationship with having to know everything. Consider what is actually important that you know – and what is distracting you from the inner work you may be avoiding. Is the thought of putting your phone down enough to increase your anxiety initially? Do you think: What if I miss the news? If so, experiment with it – you may just have less anxiety after this timeout. 

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