How to DIY your St Patrick's Day nails

This is how to get lucky.

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Forget that pot of gold, these St Patrick's Day nails are what you really want. Especially this year when it seems we could all do with a stroke of luck.

Everyone knows that on St Paddy's Day it's ubiquitous to wear green - whether you're donning a full-on lepricorn outfit or just adding an accent to your outfit. And your nails are no exception! 

Essie polish in Mojito Madness and Chanel Nail Polish in Fiction are two of the truest St Patrick's Day green polishes we've come across. 

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In the spirit of the day, we've discovered the best green nail polish ideas that are easy to recreate at home. We could have gone all out with complex nail art of shamrocks and rainbows. But unless you already know how to do gel nails, why tease you when it's not possible to get an appointment with a manicurist right now due to social distancing measures? 

So we're keeping it real and only serving up slick but simple DIY nail inspiration.

For the more adventurous among you, however, you could stretch to doing a basic manicure: shape your nails with a file, buff the surface and apply a base coat followed by two coats of green nail polish. Then grab a pack of shamrock stickers like these from Amazon, place them atop your polish and secure them in place with a glossy lick of topcoat. DIY nail art at its best.

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Herb garden talons

Multi-tonal green nails

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Metallic emerald nails

Pink meets green tips

Shamrock sticker nails

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