The friendliest cities in the UK have been revealed

Has your hometown made the cut?

friendliest cities in the UK
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A new study has revealed the most friendly cities in the UK, so get ready to plan your next UK staycation. 

We all love to explore a new town and as restrictions continue to limit travel, the best UK staycations are the next best answer. If you're looking for somewhere with a great local community, you might just need to visit these five locations as a new study from Parkdean Resorts has revealed the top friendliest towns and cities in the UK.

The company revealed that the survey was based on a variety of different factors. Taking into consideration happiness, safety, number of local businesses, number of community activities, and number of local Facebook groups and pages.

friendliest cities in the UK


(Image credit: Sylvain Sonnet / Getty Images)

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1. Edinburgh

Coming in first place with a total score of 360 out of a potential 474 was Edinburgh which was rated the friendliest city in the UK. The Scottish capital had the highest number of community activities and local businesses. 

However, the town is not without its faults and scored rather poorly when it came to safety. So although there may be a lot to do in the buzzing capital, there are safer options that are also extremely friendly according to the survey.

friendliest cities in UK


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2. Exeter

Exeter was the first runner-up in this study and scored well across the board with an overall community index score of 356. 

Exeter is a small city that is positioned in southwest England in the county of Devon. The town is rated as being significantly safer than Edinburgh. Exeter were also highly rated when it comes to happiness as the people of the town were the happiest out of the top 5 towns.

friendliest cities in the UK

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3. Oxford

In third place is the city of Oxford with a community index score of 341. The city is known for its historic and prestigious university but that’s not all the city has to offer.

The town scored well across the board and has a particularly high number of Facebook pages dedicated to it.

friendliest cities in the UK

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4. Glasgow

Glasgow was the fourth most friendly city in the UK and had an overall score of 338. Of the towns surveyed, Glasgow had the largest number of community activities taking place, suggesting it had the highest level of community interaction than the other towns in question. 

However, like Edinburgh, this Scottish city also has a low rating when it comes to safety.

Friendliest cities in the UK

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5. Bournemouth

Bournemouth was rated the fifth most friendly city in the UK. Bournemouth was also ranked as the safest town in the top five and it boasts a huge number of local businesses. The coastal town fell short on the number of local community activities but scored well enough to gain a fifth-place ranking.

Although there were many other towns surveyed, there were some towns that did not make the top 5 but did score extremely highly in certain categories. 

Weymouth residents were the happiest by far as the people surveyed from this area were much more content than in other areas of the UK. 

Northampton was rated as the safest town in the survey, so if you're looking for somewhere with low crime levels, this is a great option. Happy holidays!

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