Why Kate Middleton has been wearing so much pink - and it's not because of the Barbie movie

The Princess is known to sport the vibrant hue - but why is she doing it more than usual?

Kate Middleton has been wearing so much pink
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Recently, Kate Middleton has debuted a slew of pink outfits, and we finally found out why - and it's not because of the billion-dollar Barbie movie.

The Princess of Wales doesn't shy away from wearing plenty of colour, but it's become quite obvious that in the past few months, she's been particularly wearing a lot of pink (see: her amazing quiet luxury pink pantsuit). A reason one might assume for this is simply that the colour looks great on her - because it does - but style experts are suggesting this isn't the purpose. 

One may also wonder if it has anything to do with the billion-dollar-grossing Barbie film that just came out in theatres two weeks ago - but again, style experts disagree, saying that her inclination toward the springy hue is actually to send a subliminal message. 

Kate Middleton has been wearing so much pink

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Style expert Miranda Holder, who has 181,000 TikTok followers, said that the Princess' initiative to wear more pink dresses and suits is actually a strategic move, saying that Catherine likely wants to be perceived as "softer and gentler". This wouldn't be a shock, considering the royals are known to relay secret messages through their sartorial choices

"We either have a Princess of Wales who is the biggest closet Barbie fan ever, or she's just embracing this colour being fashionable at the moment and enjoying herself," Miranda said in her video. 

Kate Middleton has been wearing so much pink

(Image credit: Getty Images)

She continued, "The thing is, we know from all of our royal research that every style decision, especially when it comes to Kate's wardrobe, is absolutely considered and deliberate. Even down to the colour she wears."

Therefore, Miranda believes her inclination towards pink likely stems from a desire to be seen in the kind of energy that this colour evokes.

"Even if this profusion of pink was a coincidence, it may have happened once or twice, but there is no way it would have happened four times," she said. 


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She goes on to say that, in colour psychology, pink is considering "fun, flirty, and romantic, ,but she believes Kate is going a step further - in fact, Miranda believes the pink could lead to a potential royal baby announcement soon, or perhaps a new role for the Princess within the firm. 

Likely though, the colour is meant to simply evoke a softer and gentler vibe for Kate, says Miranda, and that's why she's been wearing so many pink outfits, like her pink Elie Saab gown from the royal Jordan wedding

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