We love Princess Anne's autumn style go-to for making outfits her own - and it's super easy to emulate

Princess Anne's autumn style go-to is something that we can all replicate in our own way and she's showcased just how versatile it is

Princess Anne's autumn style go-to revealed. Seen here she speaks in New Zealand
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We seriously love Princess Anne's autumn style go-to for making her outfits her own - and it's super easy for fashion fans to emulate.

Princess Anne is known for her flair for practical styling and re-wearing her beautiful wardrobe staples to every possible royal occasion. However, in recent months the Princess Royal has really been embracing a particular eye-catching theme when it comes to her clothing. Not everyone will have spotted it but Princess Anne’s autumn style go-to helps make her outfits truly *her* whilst keeping things relatively low-key for the down-to-earth senior royal. 

Throughout autumn so far Princess Anne has regularly opted for outfits that incorporate a bold pop of red in some form or another. This includes Princess Anne’s checked coat which had gorgeous cherry-red buttons and matching detailing along the inside of the collar and the outside of the pockets. But this is far from the only red-adorned look we’ve seen from her as the Princess Royal attended the rededication of the Southport War Memorial on 29th September wearing a bold green skirt suit with another red accent.

A scarf is the stylish accessory Princess Anne relies on all year round to look polished and for this occasion she wore a vivid crimson one tucked into the top of her green suit jacket. Meanwhile, just days earlier the King’s sister attended the inauguration of the Old War Office at Whitehall and made a statement in a retro giant polka dot suit.

Whilst her outfit was a turquoise shade, Princess Anne’s lipstick was a toned-down scarlet that made a wonderful contrast and was in-keeping with the overall brightness of her look. Even during her summer break Princess Anne continued to showcase her love of red and not only wore a red checked coat to attend church near Balmoral, but attended the Braemar Gathering in September wearing a fun red beret and matching military-style pea coat. 

Princess Anne, Princess Royal attends The Braemar Gathering 2023

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Not everyone will want to go all-out and make their best winter coat purchase for 2023 a short red coat. However, Princess Anne’s autumn style go-to of incorporating red into her outfits does mean she’s in line with one of the biggest autumn/winter fashion colour trends of the year. Wearing red is red hot and the senior royal has showcased how to make this achievable in a more subtle way. 


If you just want to add some red in a low-key way then choosing something similar to Princess Anne’s scarf or hat could be great options. There are so many beautiful red scarfs and hats on the high street that vary in thickness and price, meaning you can easily find the best one for you. 

Red lipsticks also make a statement without being overwhelming and there are so many finishes, from matte to super matte and glossy. Alternatively, if a red coat or red checked coat is what you’ve been looking for then Princess Anne has proved how statement these can be with a neutral outfit.

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