Queen Camilla's two-tone Chanel pumps and navy floral dress might be her best look yet

Queen Camilla wore a fabulous floral dress on Wednesday as the royal attended an artistic engagement in the heart of Edinburgh

Queen Camilla's navy floral dress
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Queen Camilla's navy floral dress may just be our latest obsession as Her Majesty stepped out for an arty engagement in Edinburgh.

On Wednesday, July 5, 2023, the Queen visited Dovecot, a tapestry studio in Edinburgh that creates handwoven tapestries and gun-tufted rugs. The Queen visited this historic location - which has been open since 1912 - and met with weavers and local craftspeople.

For this solo excursion, the Queen wore a Fiona Clare dress that she has been snapped in before. The white and navy dress features a delicate floral print with a white zip at the front of the torso and sleeve. This look perfectly complemented the Queen and flattered her figure with a fit-and-flare shape.

This isn't the first time Her Majesty has worn a Fiona Clare look to a royal engagement and in fact, the designer has become somewhat of a go-to for Queen Camilla. Earlier this year Queen Camilla showed her thrifty side as she re-wore her go-to feather dress for the 5th time. Similarly, Queen Camilla's highly patterned silk dress is also from Fiona Clare, and has been seen on Camilla during a number of royal engagements.

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With this dress, the Queen wore a pair of Chanel two-tone mid-heel pumps in beige and black. The low-heeled pumps were the perfect addition to this look and added a majestic regal finish to this ensemble. These stylish shoes are much like the two-tone flats from Camilla Elphick worn by Princess Catherine, and highlight how this style of shoe has become one of the best shoe trends of 2023.

Kate Middleton

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Fans adored this look on Queen Camilla and many took to social media to complement Her Majesty. "Love the look and the shoes are beautiful 😍" said one fan. "HM does a wonderful job. I love her dress," said another. "Great outfit on Camilla 👌" a third added.

One even suggested that the dress had de-aging properties. "Love the Queen's dress. It’s flattering and makes her look much younger! One of her best yet!!" said one. "😍😍The Queen is radiant," said another.

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