32 of the most romantic moments between Mike and Zara Tindall

Mike and Zara Tindall are a popular couple among royal fans, much-loved for their sense of humour and laid-back nature

Zara and Mike Tindal pictured wearing matching outfits, and then on their wedding day
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Zara Tindall is the eldest granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. While this, in theory, could have made her the quintessential Princess, she took after the Windsor women by becoming better known for her sporting prowess and no-nonsense attitude. 

The sporty royal met her perfect match in Mike Tindall, a former professional rugby player. Both celebrated for their sense of humour and warm nature, they've become a popular pair in the royal family.

Here, we look back at one of the most iconic royal romances, the one between the no-nonsense couple. Often more tactile than the other royals, there's no surprise that some of the most romantic royal moments we've ever witnessed were shared between the Tindalls.

32 of the most romantic moments between Mike and Zara Tindall

Dressed up for a day at the races

Zara and Mike Tindall at Royal Ascot 2023

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Zara and Mike Tindall are frequent guests at the annual racing event, Royal Ascot, and it's where fans get many sightings of the pair looking loved up and dressed up. 

For the opening day of the 2023 festival, the couple captured the summery vibes as they cut a romantic pair. Zara's Leo Lin dress was described on the company's website as, "a painterly expression of heritage and innovation, rendered in a delicate Evergreen colourway for a poetic take on floral design... Both contemporary and timeless, the Orient Print evokes a sense of escapism and retreat into the abundance of the natural world."

Mike might not even have noticed the gorgeous print though, as he could barely break eye contact with his wife. 

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Classic country bumpkins

Mike and Zara Tindall in 2005

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Much like her mother, Princess Anne, Zara Tindall is a fan of the simple life - and she found a soulmate in rugged outdoor man, Mike. 

In 2005, during the earlier days of their courtship, the pair cut a figure of the quintessential country bumpkins, as Mike supported Zara at an equestrian event. 

Strolling around the great outdoors, Mike donning a waxed jacket, similar to the much-loved Barbour coats favoured by Kate Middleton and Queen Camilla, walks arm-in-arm with Zara.

Those early date nights

Zara and Mike Tindall

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In early 2005, the future Mr and Mrs Tindall began testing their romance out in front of the world stage. 

Having met in 2003 in Sydney, when Zara was on a gap year and Mike was with the England Rugby World Cup squad, the couple hit it off instantly. Fast forward a few years and the fresh-faced pair faced the press when they confirmed their romance with a glamorous date night out at a film premiere in London.

A big hug

Mike and Zara Tindall hugging

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Royals aren't always known for their public displays of affection, but Mike and Zara Tindall have never been ones to care about any of that. 

From public smooches to constant hugs and physically leaning on one another, romantic moments of the pair embracing are not uncommon - but they're always welcome! 

True to their laid-back form, the pair cut a relaxed, relatable image in their cold-weather attire, and Zara doesn't think twice about wrapping her arms around the big rugby player's frame. 

Sweeping him up in her arms

Mike and Zara Tindall hugging

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With Princess Anne as a mother, it's not unexpected that Zara Tindall isn't shy of pushing back against norms and stereotypes. 

She might not have the title - a choice made by her parents at birth - but Zara, as the late Queen Elizabeth's oldest granddaughter has a legitimate claim to being the ultimate princess. But, in this hilarious and adorable photo, she proved she's far from a damsel in distress. 

Instead of being swept up in someone's arms, she does the sweeping, lifting the burly rugby player off the ground in a sweet moment caught by the paparazzi. It might not be the most overtly romantic photograph but this candid moment captures how comfortable they are in each other's company - and that they're not afraid to subvert stereotypes!

A laid-back engagement announcement

Mike and Zara Tindall (nee Phillips) announcing their engagement in 2010

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The laid-back lovebirds shared with the world that they were engaged in December 2010, posing outside their Gloucestershire home. 

Mike proposed with a split platinum band featuring glittering pavé diamonds, which is estimated to be worth £140,000. Zara's "understated" ring from her future husband was thought to have been specially designed to fit in with her active, sporty lifestyle. 

"The Princess Royal and Captain Mark Phillips are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Zara Phillips to Mr. Mike Tindall, son of Mr. Phillip and Mrs. Linda Tindall," a statement from the royal family read at the time. 


Zara and Mike Tindall playfighting

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Sometimes, a romantic moment isn't all hugs and kisses, but the ability to be goofy around one another

Despite Mike being a big rugby player - and Zara being royalty - the pair weren't afraid to act silly in front of the cameras when the pair stood on the sidelines supporting Prince Harry in a charity polo match in 2011. 

Having a playfight, the couple squared up to one another before later laughing and rolling around on the floor. 

Recreating Jack and Rose

Mike and Zara Tindall on a boat

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Titanic might be the ultimate love story, so it's no surprise Mike and Zara Tindall got cosy on the deck of a ship in 2014. 

Stopping just shy of recreating the "I'm flying, Jack" bit, the couple shared a sweet embrace while visiting the Artemis Ocean Racing II ship, as they took part in the Artemis Challenge race around the Isle of Wight. 

Sharing a laugh in-between competitions

Zara and Mike Tindall

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Mike Tindall might have made a name for himself as a professional rugby player, but his dedication to Zara means that he's not afraid to swap being on the pitch with cheering on from the side lines. 

Looking relaxed and proud, Mike cheered on his wife as she competed in the Barbury Castle International Horse Trials on June 30, 2012. 

Zara had been riding her horse, High Kingdom during the event. 2012 would be the same year she'd become the first member of the Royal Family to win an Olympic Medal during the 2012 Olympic Games. 


Zara and Mike Tindall

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Walking in lockstep with one another? Dressed in a very similar outfit? This photo captures the subtle, everyday romance that keeps a relationship going.

Dressed down in blue jeans, matching caps and comfy outdoor wear, the two prove that they really don't care about wrapping their arms around each other and enjoying a bit of public affection and support, whatever they're doing, wherever they're heading.

Feeling cheeky

Mike and Zara Tindall kissing

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During a day out at the Festival of British Eventing in 2017, Zara and Mike enjoyed a kiss - and Zara couldn't help but pat her husband's bottom. Cheeky - and not something you'd expect to see from other royal couples, like Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

But that's what sums up the down-to-earth pair. Zara, perhaps, felt extra comfortable because the Festival of British Eventing takes place each year at Gatcombe Park - the estate she grew up on with her mother, Princess Anne. 

A glamorous Royal Ascot appearance

Mike and Zara Tindall

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Another Royal Ascot appearance in 2023 brought out Mike and Zara Tindall in all their finest. 

Looking completely smitten with his wife, Mike - suited and booted in classic top and tails - can't keep his eyes off Zara, who opted for a short-sleeved cream midi dress by Australian designer Scanlan Theodore. 

She paired the flirty gown with an Emily London Headwear bespoke floral hat and a circular white Apsinal 'Hat Box' bag. 

Love means... overlooking his golf pants

Zara and Mike Tindall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Sometimes love is overlooking something in a partner, say, their loud golf trousers. This loved up photo of Mike and Zara Tindall shows the couple embracing, with Zara shooting a smitten glance at her husband. Which really says something, considering Mike is sporting the most unusual pair of trousers. 

Then again, Zara has likely seen worse. Mike's choice of swimwear during his 2022 stint on reality TV show, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!, prompted similar surprised reactions from viewers. 

A power couple moment

Mike and Zara Tindall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

During 'Champion Day' of the Cheltenham Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse in 2023, it was Mike and Zara Tindall who proved to be the champions of style and power-coupling. 

Olympian Zara looked elegant in a mid-length burgundy coat and matching fascinator. The streamlined coat had broad shoulders and a nipped-in waist. 

Mike complemented his wife's stunning outfit, wearing a tie in the same shade. 

While they're better known for their laid-back nature, this moment of power-dressing proved they could rival the likes of Prince William and Kate Middleton. 

A carefree laugh together

Mike and Zara Tindall

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While attending the annual Celebrity Golf Classic at the Grove Hotel, Mike and Zara Tindall were caught enjoying an unguarded chuckle. 

Mike, who was taking part in the event, was stood by his wife as she leaned on him lovingly and put her hands around his waist. 

Dressed down in a waterproof jacket with a pair of sunnies on, Zara looks like she's having a great time. Proof that, with the right person, anything can feel like the most romantic of dates. 

A sweet, reassuring moment

Zara and Mike Tindall at the Royal Scot in 2022

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During Royal Ascot in 2022, Mike and Zara Tindall managed to find a moment of quiet calm together. 

From Zara's reassuring hand around Mike's arm to their eye-contact, it appears to be a sweet moment where the pair managed to ignore the melee around them. 

For the event, Zara opted for a satin tea dress from Laura Green paired with a vibrant green boater hat. The colourful accessory was completed with a gravity-defying rose perched on the brim.

A dressed up moment

Zara and Mike Tindall both dressed in blue

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Cutting regal figures, the two popular royals wore matching hues of blue as they attended the Cheltenham Festival in 2023. 

Mike Tindall has nothing but eyes for his wife in this adorable photo, as he appears to be enchanted by her laugh. 

While Mike wore a flattering grey suit and pale blue tie, Zara wore a statement blue Juliette Milinery hat with a matching Rebecca Valance coat and cosy knee-high boots. 

A family outing

Mike and Zara Tindall out with their daughters, Mia, and Lena (in the pram)

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Mike and Zara Tindall have grown into a family of five. Their first child, Mia, was born in January 2014 while Zara gave birth to their second daughter, Lena, in June 2018. 

In March 2021, the couple welcomed their first son, Lucas Phillip.

Here, the couple look relaxed and happy while on a walk with Mia and Lena - just like any other family.

In 2023, Zara opened up on the struggles of balancing parenting with royal life during an interview with Di Stewart, on IMG Golf's Opinion Matters podcast. She said: "I think there's a lot of juggling going on, trying to fit everything in can be a real struggle, I don't think it's just me but what you do find hard as a mother with kids [is]trying to make sure that you spend the right amount of time and quality time with the kids as well as have a career and fit everything in around it is something you think about every day.

Always having fun together

Mike and Zara Tindall at Prince Harry's wedding

(Image credit: Getty Images)

While attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, the couple seemed unfazed by the press as they laughed away making their way into Windsor Castle before the ceremony.

Zara Tindall wore a deep teal dress with a Peter Pan collar and a matching fascinator. 

Supported by her husband Mike (in a black suit with a lavender tie) the couple were all smiles, even as a pregnant Zara battled the May heat in 2018. She was pregnant with daughter Lena, who was born one month later.

Mike's cheerleaders

Zara and Mia Tindall cheer on Mike Tindall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Love is... bringing an energetic toddler to support their dad in a charity golf match. 

Despite being better known for her prowess in equestrian sports, Zara Tindall proved she's more than happy to play cheerleader for Mike during the 2018 'Celebrity Cup' golf match in 2018. 

Cheering him on wearing a baseball cap and flowy white shirt, Zara sat with their eldest daughter, Mia.

Zara's cheerleaders

Mike Tindall and daughter Mia cheer on Zara as she competes in an equestrian event

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Being such an active couple, once Mike and Zara Tindall became parents, it was touching to see how they both continued to support and encourage one another's individual goals and passions. 

While Zara has stood on the side lines for Mike many times, he's also reciprocated, bringing their daughter, Mia, to the Whatley Manor International Horse Trials in 2015. Making sure their daughter could see Mum in her element, he lifted her up on his shoulders as they lovingly cheered on Zara. 

Cuddling up at Wimbledon

Zara and Mike Tindall cosying up at Wimbledon

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What other royal couple would be so relaxed and unbothered about snuggling into each other? 

During the Wimbledon 2022 tournament, Zara Tindall didn't hesitate to get comfy as she rested her head on Mike's shoulder - and her smile says it all. 

It was an intimate and sweet moment caught on camera, and more affectionate than royal fans have come to expect from other couples. 

Snapping a selfie together

Mike and Zara Tindall taking a selfie

(Image credit: Getty Images)

What many fans love about Mike and Zara Tindall is their relatability - they aren't afraid to kick back, get comfy and have fun together. 

Case in point: stopping to take a selfie during Royal Ascot in 2022. It might seem like a trivial moment, but it shows how the couple really do enjoy their days out together, making the most of leaving the kids at home and making their own memories. 

While Zara doesn't have a social media presence, there's every chance photos like this end up on Mike's Instagram account, where he regularly shares photos of his family with his more than 590,000 followers. 

Taking their love back to where it all began

Zara and Mike Tindall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Many romantic photos have been snapped of Mike and Zara in Australia, which is fitting, as that's where their love began. 

Mike has previously explained that the pair happened to end up in the same bar while they were both in Australia in 2003. He said, “Zara was in the same bar; we got introduced but didn't speak that much. Later on, Austin [Healey, a fellow rugby player] gave me her number and said, 'She wants you to text her, to say where you're all going out after the final so she can come along.'”

Each year, the pair travel back down to Australia for the Gold Coast Magic Millions races. 

In fact, the pair love Australia so much they’ve considered a permanent move. Mike told The Weekly in the past, “Living there isn't realistic because it's so far away from our families but we do love it.

“We just love that part of the world and love the pace of life. Australians have a great sense of humour, they like a bit of banter, they don't mind having a go at each other, they don't take each other too seriously... and I'm all about that.”

Coronation Day - and the fun story of the night before...

Mike and Zara Tindall at the Coronation of King Charles

(Image credit: Getty Images)

While Mike and Zara Tindall looked charming at the Coronation of King Charles in May 2023, one of the best moments was the fact the couple treated Zara's uncle's historic weekend as a personal date night opportunity. 

The night before the Coronation, they were reportedly out partying until 2am with Mike saying the couple weren’t going to waste a rare night without their three children.

Mike told Good Morning Britain, "It was quite nice to have a little date night. When you’ve got three children, it’s not always the easiest to get out and just have a drink together."

Always time for a kiss

Zara and Mike Tindall kiss as he takes part in a Quadrathlon

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A sign of true love is enjoying a kiss despite being sweaty, exhausted and in the middle of a gruelling undertaking. 

In 2015, Mike Tindall took part in the arduous Artemis Great Kindrochit Quadrathlon. The exhausting event - involving swimming, cycling, kayaking and running - takes place across Scotland and Zara, along with her daughter, Mia, made sure to offer up her support for her husband's tiring mission.

Their sweet words about one another other during Mike's I'm a Celebrity stint

Mike and Zara Tindall

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In 2022, Mike Tindall surprised everyone by appearing on the reality show, I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

While he didn't reveal too many royal secrets, fans did get the chance to learn more about his love story with Zara - and they loved seeing Zara fly out to greet him as he left the show. 

Before Mike left the jungle, Zara told hosts on the I’m A Celeb Coming Out show, "It’s been a long few weeks, the kids have missed him so it’ll be nice to get him out."

Per The Sun, she was also asked how good it was to have Mike back, to which she replied, "It’s just too much, let’s never do this again."

Proud parents

Mike and Zara Tindall with daughter, Lena

(Image credit: Getty Images)

This is a romantic snap of Zara and Mike Tindall as it captures their evolution from young lovebirds to proud parents. 

While responsibilities and broods grow, the two look in lockstep with each other as their youngest daughter, Lena, looks excited to be holding hands with both her parents during the 2023 Christmas Sandringham walkabout. 

A cosy Christmas moment

Mike and Zara Tindall at Christmas

(Image credit: Getty Images)

In 2022, Mike and Zara Tindall joined their family for Kate Middleton's Together At Christmas Carol concert. 

Dressed chic in a festive, burgundy coat, Zara and Mike head into Westminster Abbey arm-in-arm, looking like a wintry postcard. 

For Zara, it was extra special, as Mike had been in Australia the month before filming I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!

Matching at the Coronation Concert

Mike and Zara Tindall at the Coronation concert

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Coronation weekend in 2023 was a delight for royal fans who got to see the family have fun together during several events and outings. 

Zara and Mike Tindall - always game - were a highlight for many, laughing and dancing away during the Coronation Concert. 

Not only were they having a ball (as ever!) but they demonstrated their support for each other with subtle but noticeable touches in their outfits. 

Here, Mike's green pocket square perfectly complements Zara's vibrant coat. 

When they said their 'I dos'

Mike and Zara Tindall on their wedding day

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Olympic equestrian and the former rugby player walked down the aisle in 2011, eight years after first meeting. 

The couple tied the knot on 30 July, 2011 at Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh in a much more intimate ceremony than the other royal wedding that took place that same year, that of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

The bride wore an ivory silk dress fashioned by designer Stewart Parvin, one of her grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s favourite couturiers. She completed her stunning royal wedding look with Jimmy Choo heels, a silk tulle veil, and a bouquet by Mayfair florist Paul Thomas.

The evening reception saw guests including William, Kate, and Prince Harry, join the newlyweds at the Palace of Holyroodhouse.

The wedding kiss

Mike and Zara Tindall kiss on their wedding day

(Image credit: Getty Images)

While it didn't have the pressure of the Buckingham Palace balcony kiss, fans were treated to a first kiss photo of the newlyweds. 

The enchanting photo shone a spotlight on more details of the bride's stunning look, including the splendid royal tiara chosen for the day. 

Known as Princess Andrew's Meander Tiara, the tiara belonged to her mother, Princess Anne. It originated in Greece's royal family, with Prince Philip's mother Alice gifting the tiara to Queen Elizabeth II.

The sentimental piece consists of a brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by a glittering wreath. The honeysuckles symbolise pure happiness, while the traditional Greek laurel wreath design is meant to embody triumph - a fitting choice for Zara, who would go on to become the first member of the Royal Family to win an Olympic medal in 2012. 

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