Where do Mike and Zara Tindall live? Take a look at the countryside estate they share with Princess Anne

They're currently in lockdown there...
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  • The homes of the royal family are some of the most palatial and impressive abodes around.

    So far, we’ve taken a look at Bagshot Park, Sophie Wessex and Prince Edward’s home, had a deep dive into Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s UK residence in Windsor, Frogmore Cottage, and explored Anmer Hall, where Prince William, Catherine, and their three children are on lockdown.

    With a look at all these gorgeous royal homes, we began to wonder – where do Mike and Zara Tindall live?

    The popular couple, who are known for being funny, friendly, and super down-to-earth, actually aren’t official, working members of ‘The Firm’.

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    Despite Zara being the Queen’s granddaughter, she was not given a royal title by her mother, Princess Anne. And as such, she and her rubgy player husband Mike do not complete official duties on behalf of the Queen, and have their own separate careers. However, the pair do occasionally attend family events with the Queen, including Royal Ascot. So where do Mike and Zara call home?

    Where do Princess Anne and Zara and Mike Tindall live?

    Gatcombe Park is a 700-acre estate, and a private, royal country home. It’s main building is an impressive, Grade II listed home.

    The home sits within acres of land on the estate, where Princess Anne also holds annual equestrian events.

    Dotted around the large estate are other royal homes – including Mike and Zara Tindall’s.

    A brief history of Gatcombe Park

    Gatcombe has been the home of the Princess Royal since 1976, when it was bought privately by the Queen for her and her then-husband, Captain Mark Phillips. The Queen bought the beautiful, rural property from the former Home Secretary Lord Butler of Saffron Walden.

    In 2013, Anne and her current husband, Timothy Laurence, were joined by Mike and Zara Tindall, when they sold their Cheltenham home and came to live on the Gatcombe estate.

    While Princess Anne, Mike, and Zara Tindall’s home was bought privately by the Queen over 50 years ago, it was extensively refurbished and renovated prior to the family moving in back in the late 1970s, funded by the Crown purse.

    Zara and Mike moved to Gatcombe just before welcoming their first child, Mia Tindall, Princess Anne’s third grandchild. It’s not clear where on the estate Zara and Mike live, with Princess Anne and her husband taking up residence in the main house.

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    But Gatcombe Park is certainly a convenient place for the couple and their family to be, with equestrian Zara having many of her horses stabled on the estate. Now, the couple live there with daughter Mia their one-year-old daughter Lena, and are often pictured enjoying the grounds together as a family.

    What is Gatcombe Park like?

    The Gatcombe Park estate is famous in the horse and eventing world for hosting many of the sport’s annual events.

    It’s the former home of the Festival of British Eventing, and Zara Tindall herself has often competed there. And Princess Anne has always been keen to make the estate work and earn money for itself, as she revealed on the BBC programme Countryfile lately. She explained, “It’s really nice to come back and just be yourself in an area like this. Being able to take on a place like this – for me, I’ve got to make it work. This is not something that comes free, this has got to pay it’s way, otherwise I can’t stay here.”

    The estate also hosts a lot of land for farming, a biannual craft fair, as well as the equestrian events – so it certainly pays for itself!

    According to reports, the main manor house of Gatcombe, where Princess Anne lives, has five main bedrooms, four secondary bedrooms, four reception rooms, a library, a billiard room, and a conservatory.

    Do Peter and Autumn Phillips live at Gatcombe Park too?

    Yes, Zara’s brother and his wife also live within the grounds of the 700-acre estate.

    However, following the sad news of Autumn and Peter’s split in February, it’s been reported that the pair will no longer continue to share their marital home at Aston Farm, on the Gatcombe estate, with one of them reported to be move out, to another part of the land.

    Credit: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

    Aston Farm is also where Peter’s father, Mark Phillips, lives with his second wife.

    It’s not clear yet who will move out of the family home, nor where they will go. But they won’t be too far away from one another, meaning they’ll be well able to co-parent their two daughters, Savannah and Isla, a pledge they made in their joint statement announcing their divorce.

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