King Charles wows onlookers with impressive skill during his first state banquet speech in Germany

King Charles wowed with a display of his impressive skill

King Charles impressive skill
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King Charles revealed an impressive skill in Germany on Wednesday night as he delivered the first state banquet speech of his reign.

King Charles and Camilla are in Germany for three days to celebrate the friendship between the country and the UK, and the visit comes just weeks before King Charles' Coronation on May 6.

A video posted to the Royal Family's official Instagram page shows King Charles addressing a room full of guests in German at the state banquet, held at the Bellevue Palace.

The caption read, "Over all these years, and in so many ways, I have been struck by the warmth of the friendship between our nations and by the vitality of our partnership in countless areas.

"It was… a friendship which mattered greatly to my mother, The late Queen, who cared deeply about the bond between our two countries. 

"It means so much to us that my wife and I could come to Germany for this very first overseas tour of my reign. I can only assure you, that throughout the time that is granted to me as King, I will do all I can to strengthen the connections between us."

With many not knowing that the monarch could speak German, royal fans were quick to praise King Charles' impressive skill.

"I didn't know the king speaks German. Nice!" one commented, while another added, "Wow I'm impressed His Majesty speaks German."

A third commented, "My German born husband was VERY impressed with his perfect accent. He said it was impossible to tell that it wasn't his first language. I think the British people are so very lucky to have Charles as their King."

While a German fan commented, "I love hear him talk in German. Sounds great! Our language is very difficult, but he masters it!"

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales reads the Queen's speech

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King Charles also elicited laughter from the room when he referenced a British comedy sketch which is hugely popular in Germany, called Dinner for One.

The show is about an elderly aristocrat who dines alone while her waiter gets progressively more drunk as he consumes alcohol poured for her missing dinner guests.

The mention of the sketch, which has been watched by millions of Germans every New Year's Eve since 1973, had his audience in fits of giggles as His Majesty told them in German, "It is nice of you all not to have left me alone with a 'dinner for one!'"

The King also made a joke about the footballing rivalry between the two nations, saying, "Even football was an English invention that the Germans were all too keen to take on. And although not every game is a friendly, it is good that these days German and British rivalries are only ever played out on the football pitch."

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