Kate Middleton hints at her family's future holiday plans and the destination is not as exotic as you may think

Kate Middleton revealed her hopes for a family trip to a UK destination that is very close to her heart

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge outside their home in Norfolk with Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis
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Kate Middleton hinted at her future holiday plans with her family as she spoke to a member of the public about wanting to show her three children a very special place.

Prince William and Catherine have been known to take their children on luxury holidays and have jetted off to wonderful places such as Jordan and the French Alps for ski trips. While the children may be used to discovering exotic destinations, Catherine recently revealed that she and William may have plans to take them to somewhere slightly less far flung - but equally as wonderful.

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, the Prince and Princess of Wales were in Windsor and presented leeks to the officers and guardsmen of the Welsh Guards for the St David's Day Parade, which took place at Combermere Barracks. For this event,
Kate Middleton wore a St David's Day brooch which was shaped like a leek, and a sweet homage to the purpose of the event. The celebration in Windsor was in honor of Wales, and a celebration of their patron saint, St David. 

Catherine, Princess of Wales smiles during a visit to the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Combermere Barracks for the St David’s Day Parade on March 01, 2023 in Windsor, England.

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This meant that Wales was at the forefront of many attendees' minds, including the Princess who spoke to a member of the public about her love of the country. Krystal Cunningham, an attendee at the event, spoke to Catherine and told People about their lovely conversation. 

Krystal revealed that she spoke to the Princess about her love of the island of Anglesey, and said that Kate, "said she missed it". Krystal then revealed that the Princess had admitted that she wanted to bring her children to Wales and spend some time by the coast. Krystal added, "She's hoping to take her children there and show them the beautiful beaches."

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis

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Wales has a special place in the Prince and Princess's hearts  - and not because it is their namesake. Prince William and Catherine moved to the Welsh island of Anglesey in 2010, the year before their marriage in 2011. At the time, William was stationed as a pilot with the RAF Search and Rescue Force, while Kate was working remotely for her parents' company, Party Pieces.

The pair lived there until the year after their son, Prince George, was born. In 2014 they then moved back to London and lived in Kensington Palace before relocating to their family home in Norfolk, Anmer Hall. Despite it nearly being 10 years since Kate and William left their home in Wales, their former home clearly had a lasting impact on the Princess who wants to share this place with her family.

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