Why Prince George might play a more 'low key' role in King Charles's coronation

Prince George is expected to play a part in King Charles's coronation

Prince George school coronation
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Prince George's school day could affect the role he plays in King Charles's coronation, making it more low-key, according to a royal expert.

King Charles's coronation ceremony is taking place at Westminster Abbey on 6 May, but The Palace is still in talks with the Prince and Princess of Wales as to what Prince George's role will be.

Prince George, who is second in line to the throne, was originally thought to play quite a prominent role, but Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor of The Sunday Times, has explained that the fact he is still in school may play a part in the Wales' decision making.

She told True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, "They are very keen, but if George does have an official role, it will be quite low-key. They are very conscious that he will return to school on the Tuesday [after the coronation], and they do not want him to be overwhelmed by the attention. But he may play a smaller official role."

Prince George school coronation

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She added, "I do not know in terms of what the grandchildren will do for the King. I was told it was very much the grandchildren who were there to help and attend to Camilla.”

Roya also explained how the news that the Queen Consort’s grandchildren could have an official role at the coronation demonstrates that "the Royal Family is a blended family", adding, "There are stepchildren and step-grandchildren. 

"It says a lot about Camilla that rather than having aristocrats that she might not know but who would be part of protocol and tradition, she is keen to have her grandchildren involved in an official capacity. It is very different from what we saw in 1953."

Prince George school coronation

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The Telegraph has also reported that Prince William and Kate Middleton are still considering what would be best for their son, given the media attention his son will be subject to. And Prince George's siblings Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, are expected to attend the ceremony as spectators and won’t have an official role to play.

Author and Royal expert Wesley Kerr also told The Royal Beat that he believes the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will attend the Coronation, despite speculation that they won't attend after being evicted from Frogmore Cottage.

"I think they will come," he said, adding, "There is a lovely royal gallery where the Sussexes will get front-row seats. There will be lots of cutaways and plenty of chances to wear fantastic outfits."

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