Everyone’s saying the same thing about Prince George – and it’s a cute connection to the likes of Prince William and Prince Philip

Prince George’s height has become the unlikely focus of his grandfather’s first Trooping the Colour

Prince George's height has become the surprising focus of Trooping the Colour
(Image credit: Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

While today (June 17) might be King Charles’ first Trooping the Colour birthday parade as reigning monarch, he has been slightly upstaged by his eldest grandson. Prince George was joined by his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis as they rode in a carriage with Queen Camilla and their mom, Princess Kate. But his appearance amazed royal fans online who cannot stop talking about how tall the future king is already.

Trooping the Colour 2023 is an absolute treasure trove of delights for royal fans. From the historic pageantry and traditions to the sighting of key royals, there’s so much to enjoy.

From Princess Catherine’s symbolic green dress, Duchess Sophie’s sophisticated cream outfit and Queen Camilla’s bold red coat dress, the senior royals have delivered the goods when it comes to fashion.

But even these dazzling looks have been left in the shade by Prince George – specifically his height.

Prince George is taking after his family as he soars in height

(Image credit: Neil Mockford/Getty Images)

Fans online cannot seem to focus on anything but how tall the 10-year-old prince is.

The first sighting of George – who turns 11-years-old in July – was when he sat in-between his parents in a car heading towards the parade.

Sitting side-by-side, George was almost the same size as his mom, Princess Kate already.

One fan commented, “Prince George between his parents, almost as tall as them...So sweet!”

Another shared, “When I saw Prince George at the coronation I couldn’t believe how tall he’d grown! He’s very handsome and looks so much like his father.”

This isn’t the first time George’s size has amused fans. When the Wales’ shared their 2022 Christmas card, fans couldn’t quite believe that George was catching up to his father.

At King Charles’ Coronation, George served as one of his grandfather’s Pages of Honor. Though the other Pages were older than George, aged between 12 and 13, George was just as tall – if not taller – than them.

Fans love that George is so tall because of the connection to members of his family.

Take Prince William. The Prince of Wales stands at 6’3”, so George is definitely taking after Dad. And before him, Prince Philip was just over 6’.

It should be noted that Princess Kate also shares this tallness. The Princess of Wales is thought to be around 5’9” – taller than average for a woman.

So, with these genetics at play, could Prince George grow up to be one of the tallest royals we’ve ever seen?

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