32 times Kate Middleton nailed the Quiet Luxury look

From cosy cashmere to perfect tailoring, Kate Middleton always gets the Quiet Luxury trend right

A composite image of Kate Middleton wearing Quiet Luxury looks.
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Kate Middleton is the queen of Quiet Luxury. Subtle makeup looks, blown-out waves and a wardrobe full of high-quality, high-class staple pieces are all elements of the Duchess of Cambridge’s trademark look, so it’s no wonder she’s got the trend down.

Quiet Luxury is all about opting for sophisticated, smart and not overly flashy items; think shift dresses, blazers, oversized crisp white shirts and one of the best designer bags on your arm.

Here, we look back at all the times - and there are many - that Kate has perfectly executed this popular trend, from power suits in bold shades and luxurious cream cashmere jumpers to soft camel coats.

Kate Middleton's best Quiet Luxury outfits

1. A pinstripe power suit

Kate Middleton wearing a pinstripe blazer.

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Kate is often seen in well-fitting, flattering tailored suits and she always looks fabulous. Perfect tailoring and lined patterns are a cornerstone of the Quiet Luxury trend, so this pinstripe navy suit with chic gold buttons and a slightly looser white blouse is ideal.

2. A dreamy fitted suit in an aubergine shade

Kate Middleton wearing a purple suit.

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Even while sporting a mask, Kate proved she was the queen of the tailored trend. Pairing a fitted suit in a dreamy aubergine colour with a black high-neck top that matched her slim belt, subtle heels and an understated Quiet Luxury handbag, the princess showed there’s no suit that she can’t pull off.

3. A true trend-setter

Kate Middleton wearing a pink dress with Will.

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Back in 2012, the Quiet Luxury trend was way in the future, but as per usual, Kate was ahead of the masses. Posing with Will at a luncheon to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, the Duchess of Cambridge wore a long-sleeved dress in a gorgeous pale pink shade, a colour that would become an essential for both the Quiet Luxury trend and Kate’s wardrobe. 

4. A business-casual look

An image of Kate Middleton.

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Tailored trousers are a mainstay of the Quiet Luxury trend, and when paired with this simple combo you can’t go wrong. Tucking a baby blue cashmere jumper into some belted trousers and layering with a smart but comfy coat, Kate outdid herself with the subtle trend here, even matching her gold earrings to her eye-catching necklace.

5. A baby blue coat

Kate Middleton wearing a baby blue coat.

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Another long smart coat, another win. This time Kate opted for a baby blue, silk-lined number, which brought out the blues in her patterned shift dress. A dress like this should be a Quiet Luxury summer staple that's on rotation in warmer months.

6. This all-green get-up

Kate Middleton wearing a green coat.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

A list of Quiet Luxury winter pieces should always include a wool-blend (or at least very soft and thick) coat, and if it’s as gorgeous as this dark green one we’ve seen the princess sport, even better. Kate paired this coat with some chocolate brown boots, which are also perfect for colder weather.

7. A patterned peplum two-piece

Kate Middleton wearing a peplum-style suit.

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We didn’t see peplums coming back anytime soon, but Kate was actually an early adopter of this trend. This dark navy two-piece includes a very tailored blazer with intricate stitching and a floral design, paired with a matching pencil suit that perfectly compliments these stunning statement earrings.

8. This jeans-and-blazer combo

Kate Middleton wearing a grey blazer.

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A pair of skinny jeans is a smart thing to have in your staple wardrobe, but they don’t always scream Quiet Luxury. However, the Duchess of Cambridge paired these black jeans with a high-neck, fitted black top that’s a favourite of hers, while this chic blazer brings the whole look together. A great outfit for an event where the dress code is smart-casual.

9. Quiet Luxury goes hiking

Kate Middleton wearing a Barbour jacket and jeans.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If anyone knows how to pull off a look that’s both fashionable and practical, it’s Kate Middleton. While visiting Dowlais Rugby Club on a trip to Wales, Kate opted for a pragmatic outfit that still looked completely ‘her’. A pair of brown hiking boots and some grey denim jeans worked perfectly alongside one of her favourite Barbour jackets, while a thick roll-neck jumper kept her warm.

10. A simple suit

Kate Middleton wearing a plum suit.

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You can’t go wrong with the basics: a simple, tailored two-piece suit in a block colour, alongside a neutral top. We love this plum shade on Kate, and the choice of a long-sleeved top rather than a shirt or blouse makes this look a little more every day.

11. A classic camel coat

Kate Middleton wearing a camel coat.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

This buttery-soft camel coat Kate Middleton wore on a trip to Scarborough in 2022 is almost the exact same shade as her high-neck dress, while the chunky tan belt matches her handbag almost exactly too. Camel and tan are shades that will always be synonymous with the Quiet Luxury trend, and they look even better against the subtle beauty looks and impossibly shiny brown waves that Kate is best known for.

12. A vision in red

Kate Middleton wearing a red coat.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate may be known for a lot of subtle, neutral shades, but she also does bright and bold colours better than anyone. Sporting a red tailored coat in this picture, the princess wore a black combo underneath, with a pair of flared, high-waisted trousers that we’re particularly obsessed with.

13. Matching jewellery and a cream look

Kate Middleton wearing a white suit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

With the Duchess of Cambridge’s perfectly tousled brown waves framing her face and a perfectly put-together three-piece tailored cream suit, her matching jewellery here isn’t immediately obvious. However, the subtle yet sparkly pendant and earrings are the ideal accessories for those looking for some Quiet Luxury gems.

14. A striped casual look

Kate Middleton wearing a striped top and shorts.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Navy Breton stripes will always be in style, and this casual jumper from Kate is the kind of piece you could easily find on the high street. The princess also proves here that Quiet Luxury doesn’t always mean super fancy; her high-waisted white shorts are perfect for holidays and summer days out, and anyone who covets Kate Middleton's trainers will know that no one can pull off a pair of white Supergas just like her.

15. Proving that cream has always been her colour

Kate Middleton wearing a cream blazer.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Another white-cream combo that just never fails for Kate Middleton, and is also a staple of the Quiet Luxury trend. On a visit to the Little Village Hub in Brent, London, Kate stunned in this smart-casual look that perfectly complimented her glowy makeup look.

16. Shades of blue

Kate Middleton wearing all blue.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Not everyone can pull off various shades of blue in one look, but Kate makes it look easy. With a structured linen top tucked into wide-leg navy trousers and a statement belt, this trouser suit was complemented by a teal handbag and of course, her signature sapphire engagement ring. A simple pair of pearl drop earrings elevated the Quiet Luxury outfit further.

17. A unique turquoise dress

Kate Middleton wearing a turqoise dress.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Quiet Luxury may often be about subtle, understated designs and neutral colours, but a bold shade and an interesting cut can be just as sophisticated. With a chunky belt of the same material, intricate detailing on the sleeves and a slight flare to the skirt, this turquoise dress makes for one of our favourite Kate Middleton looks, and is finished off perfectly with some statement gold earrings.

18. Suits and skirts

Kate Middleton wearing a cream-pink suit skirt.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

As we’ve said, cream and baby pink are some of the best colours to wear when you’re going for a Quiet Luxury look, which is one reason why Kate keeps coming back to them. We love the inclusion of some oversized pockets and intricate vase-like detailing on the blazer, while a midi-length skirt brings something different to the princess’s usual rotation of trouser suits.

19. A spot of elegance

Kate Middleton and her daughter Charlotte.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

An oversized and embellished hat might not be everyday wear for most, but we definitely think this polka-dot black-and-white dress can be. For a wedding or another special occasion, this style of dress - belted middle, slight puff sleeves and a high neck - is perfect for Quiet Luxury lovers who want a look that’s guaranteed to be flattering.

20. A lime green dream

Kate Middleton wearing a lime green dress.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

This trend is usually associated with clothes for colder months, but there’s nothing to say you can't exude Quiet Luxury on vacation. She may be stuck in the rain in this photo, but on a trip to the sweltering Bahamas in 2022 Kate wore this gorgeous lime green shift dress, proving that warmer weather doesn’t mean sacrificing sophisticated outfits.

21. A sporty look

Kate Middleton wearing a white top and grey shorts.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge has always looked just as elegant in a casual outfit as she has in a ball gown. Non-denim shorts are a great way to channel Quiet Luxury when it’s warm outside, and Kate matched this pair with a preppy, sporty golf-style top and her white Supergas for a super chilled look.

22. Flares with a splash of blue

Kate Middleton wearing a blue sweater and black trousers.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Another appearance from a pair of flared, wide-leg smart black trousers, and we can’t get enough. Something about the high waist and versatile shade of these means they just go with everything including this soft and slightly cropped blue ribbed sweater.

23. Earthy shades meet skinny jeans

Kate Middleton wearing a green coat.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate can pull off skinny jeans like no one else, especially when she pairs them with black leather gloves and some chunky boots. We love the colour-coding of two different mossy shades here, too, which perfectly complement not only the comforting hues of autumn but also the princess’ auburn locks.

24. Quiet Luxury in grey

Kate Middleton wearing a grey sweater vest and grey trousers.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

We love every element of this outfit, from the grey marl trousers to the coquette-style shoes, along with the subtle gold hoops to allow the clothes to speak for themselves.

25. This elegant two-piece

Kate Middleton in a cream two-piece.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If there was ever an outfit that epitomised the Quiet Luxury trend, it’s this one. This two-piece is one of Kate’s most flattering looks, and the addition of the oversized tortoiseshell buttons gives the jumper a slight edge. 

26. The Quiet Luxury makeup look

Kate Middleton.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Quiet Luxury makeup is all about highlighting natural features, which aligns perfectly with Kate Middleton's best makeup looks. Subtle blush, a peach-pink lip and a very light smokey eye are the princess’s go-to, and it's also what Quiet Luxury is all about.

27. Royal blue with a white tee

Kate Middleton wearing a blue blazer.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Channelling Union Jack colours while sporting her go-to wardrobe of a tailored blazer, Kate proves that a spot of sophistication doesn’t have to include going all-out with a three-piece suit. A simple white tee sits underneath her blazer here, with simple but embellished buttons.

28. A simple but stylish jeans-and-t-shirt combo

Kate Middleton wearing a Barbour jacket.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

If you’re wondering how to style jeans for the Quiet Luxury trend, look no further than this picture. Combining a dark-wash, straight-leg pair with a trusty striped tee and Barbour jacket, this is a classic look for Kate, but she still manages to evoke the classy trend even when out for a walk.

29. A head-turning get-up

Kate Middleton wearing a purple suit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kate Middleton's 'Quality Street' purple suit turned heads when she first wore it, and we can see why - a bold colour, perfect tailoring and the omission of a (visible) top worn underneath the blazer made this an eye-catching outfit for Kate. We also love how she matched her beautiful sapphire drop earrings to her iconic ring, a combo she’s gone for a few times over the years.

30. Quiet Luxury in heels

Kate Middleton wearing a blue suit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Matching every part of this outfit in a deep blue shade - one that isn’t far off her sapphire ring and matching earrings, seen here - is a bold choice that paid off for this Quiet Luxury-inspired look. We love the chunkier wedges or ankle boots Kate is often spotted with, but it’s nice to see her in a pair of fancier heels, too.

31. A show-stopping cream look

Kate Middleton wearing a cream outfit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

This is one of our favourite Quiet Luxury looks from the Duchess of Cambridge, and epitomises everything we love about the trend. A looser-fitting but still flattering cream cashmere sweater tucks into an eggshell-coloured pair of slacks, which also match her stunning long coat and vintage-style handbag. Perfection in an outfit.

32. Sapphire for days

Kate Middleton wearing a blue outfit.

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Proving once again that sapphire-meets-royal-blue is 100% her colour, Kate went all out with the shade for this look, topping it off with an oversized and intricate hat. Wearing another pair of drop earrings with a sapphire gem, Kate opted for a minimal beauty look with her trademark subtle smokey eye. 

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